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15 Fun Activities to Do At Home This Spring Break


Sometimes you get stuck at home for Spring Break. It may seem disappointing at first but, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  Let’s face it, after the craziness of midterms and campus life these past couple months, it’s nice to have some alone time to get things done and just relax on your own, with no obligations, no schedule and no one bothering you. If you feel bored at home this Spring Break, the A-List girls have made you a guide to make this at home Spring Break the best one yet! Here are 15 of our favorite ideas for you to do at home this Spring Break.

1. Redecorate your room

You’ve been complaining about it for a year now; just get it done. Take the time to think about the vibes you want, the special decor pieces you’ve been dying for, and a bedspread to pull it all together. Sometimes, redecorating your room can be as simple as just rearranging the things you already own. Creating a new vibe with what you already have is the best way to change up the pace of your beloved space.

2. Go on a staycation

Use Spring Break to fall in love again with the place you already live. Ever notice how tourists have visited more places in your hometown than you have? You take it for granted, right?! So, this Spring Break…live like a tourist! Hit all the fun, must-do activities and must-see sights of the city you call home. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we forget about the amazing things we are surrounded by everyday. Make a bucket list of spots to visit or fun events (Corgie Day at the Beach anyone?!) to attend in your own hometown. Grab some sisters and check that bucket list off! If you’re stumped where to start – search your hometown’s hashtags on insta or start with yelp.

3. Have a movie marathon

Curl up with your fav blanket, socks and a cup of tea or hot chocolate and let the binge watching begin! Here at A-List we are big Harry Potter fans – like full on potterheads. There is no shame in seshing the 8 Harry Potter movies this Spring Break, in fact we highly encourage it. If HP isn’t your style sesh Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or any of those movie sagas that you forgot you loved so much. Not a movie girl? Not a problem, binge watch some T.V. shows. Some personal faves on Netflix are How I Met Your Mother, Bob’s Burgers, Gilmore Girls, The Office, That 70’s Show, and so many more. And don’t forget you can always binge Game of Thrones because season 7 is coming in hot in July.

4. If the weather allows it, tan outside!

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Who says you can’t get a great tan at home? Here in SoCal, we’re spoiled and the weather is more than perfect to lay out this Spring Break season and work on that bronze glow. You don’t always have to go to Cabo to get a tan ladies, sun is sun no matter where you are! Make the most of what you’ve got!

5. Craft

6f653902 c4c4 4ba8 911f 613de0883cc4 Crafting20Spring20Break20Activity It may sound juvenile or too Martha Stewart-y, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t love crafting. I just crafted a dreamcatcher to add some life to my bedroom and it was honestly so fun! Take some time this Spring Break to craft, draw, paint, write, whatever form of creative expression you love! Being creative is a fun way to occupy time that produces a tangible result that you’ll be proud to show your friends at the end of the week. Who knows, your DIY or craft project could be a small business in the making (any other Etsy fans out there?!).

6. Spa Day

Treat yo-self girlfriend. You deserve it. This semester has been tough, we know – we are right there with you. Take some time to pamper yourself this week. Even something as simple and affordable as an at home facial mask, or painting your own nails can improve your mood. Or if you want to treat yourself, go get a massage! Those stress knots need some attention. The possibilities for self-care are endless, but remember, you’ve been working hard and you deserve it.

7. Workout

Again, you’ve been complaining about getting in shape for months. I, personally, always have an excuse as to why I’m “too busy to workout.” This Spring Break we challenge you to push yourself to workout. You have the time this week, now all you need is the will-power. Just get out there and do it! Your body and mind will love you for it!

8. Try a new restaurant

IDK about you but I have a list on my phone of all of those trendy, hip dessert or fire-looking food joints that I’ve been meaning to go to. Use this time to stop by these places and maybe even snap a cute little Instagram pic while you’re there. Make everyone jealous of your fun Spring Break excursions via some social media love.

9. Purge your closet

“I don’t have any cute clothes!” …Surprise!… You actually do. Go through your closet this Spring Break and decide what you need and what you don’t need anymore. Maybe even sell some things you don’t need – a little extra cash never hurt anybody. Taking time to organize your closet and your room in general can feel so good, and why not use your free time to do something your future self will love you for?

10. Read a book or two

When our lives get crazy busy and stress starts to weigh in, sometimes the last thing we think of doing is to whip out a great book. But reading can be so therapeutic and stress-relieving, so this Spring Break I encourage you to take the time to sit down and read a book or two. Whatever your time allows you, just read. You will feel so much better after!

11. Go on a hike

8268e130 8a60 4a5f b813 e5356dccbce6 Jenna20Hollywood20Hike20Spring20Break20small The world around us is so beautiful, and yet we are so quick to forget that we are surrounded by some pretty amazing places. Take the time to go on a hike this Spring Break. Don’t have great hiking spots by you? I know you can at least find a trail nearby or maybe a short drive away. This is a great way to work out while also reminding yourself that we live in such a awe-inspiring world.

12. Road Trip

If you have the time (and maybe a co-pilot), then take a road trip. Large or small, hit the road. Make a playlist (or borrow ours), make a list of places to stop at, and get out on the open road. Road trips are so underrated and need to make a comeback. Start the trend and spend your Spring Break exploring some fun places around you!

13. Work

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If you have a job, let your boss know that you’ll be available all of Spring Break (like I did). Making extra money is never a bad a thing. When your friends come back from their expensive Spring Break trips complaining about being broke, you can smile knowing you are rollin’ in the dough after this week.

14. Homework

Get caught up on homework or get ahead! You will thank yourself for this. You have a whole week to do nothing, taking a few hours out to get ahead will leave you less stressed in the future. Who doesn’t need more free time during the school term?

15. Relax

Take a break. We have Spring Breaks and Winter Breaks and all these breaks for a reason. Use it. Get back on a normal sleep cycle – no more of this nocturnal stuff. Eat well! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy schedules, we start eating terribly, so do your body a favor and eat three healthy meals a day. Have that movie sesh we talked about, have that spa day we mentioned, just do whatever you need to relax.

So those are our fav ideas for your Spring Break staycation!