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15 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Sisters


The holiday season brings people closer together and, of course, makes you sentimental and self-reflective. Thinking about all of the friends, family, and loved ones in your life can be the best part of the season. Taking the time to thank these people can make their holiday season even brighter as well. So, this year the A-List girls got a little in their feelings and we’re giving you a list of reasons why we are, and you should be thankful for your sisters!

Thank You For….

  1. Welcoming me with open arms and giving me a place to call home. First off, we have to thank our sisters for making this new place feel like home. Shout out to the sisters who invite us over for homemade meals; Y’all are the real MVPs. It’s easy to get lost and feel homesick when you’re at school, but having your sisters by your side, you know you’re never alone. 
  2. Encouraging me to become involved and strive to be the best I can be. Getting involved when you have your plate already full with school and work can be tough. With the positive encouragement and extra support, you can take the next step to really make a difference and have a voice in your chapter. When others see the potential in you, it can really go a long way, so don’t hold back in sharing the love with those who you also see great potential in.
  3. Always liking and commenting on my Instagram pictures, TY girls. Self-worth does not come from likes and comments on Instagram, but we’d all be lying if we said that we didn’t love seeing our phones light up with notifications on our latest post.
  4. Supporting me in all of my successes and failures that I took on this year. There is no better feeling than celebrating your successes with your supportive sisters. Let’s face it, these girls are the ones who helped keep your sanity on the way to the top. But, it also boils down to the people who are by your side when failures occur; the ones who tell you, “it’s a learning lesson; you are not defined by your failures.” THAT’S what sisters are for.
  5. Making walking on campus more fun with a warm smile or a friendly “hey!” Walking by the hundreds of faces on campus can quite frankly be awkward. Seeing your beautiful sisters’ smiling faces accompanied by a wave or “hello” is really all it takes to brighten your day. One of the most pivotal moments of your day can be that sister that offers you a hug when they can tell you need a little TLC.
  6. Staying with me in the library every night, and waiting for me to finish my work so I didn’t have to walk home alone. Studying sucks. We’ve all been there; staying in the lib ‘til the crack of dawn practically. But, these tragic nights can become the best memories when you have sisters to push through it with you.
  7. Leaving a party when my heels make my feet feel like they’re bleeding. Heels are so comfy,” said no one ever. After hours of making small talk, it’s time to go home before your feet actually start to fall off. Having those sisters that know when to call it a night are the best companions.
  8. Letting me borrow anything and everything from your closet. My roommate/sister is the best when it comes to this. Thank god for the “share pile” or else this broke college student would be going out in Lulus and a t-shirt every night. She makes sure I’m looking just as beautiful as her whenever we step out together.
  9. Undoubtedly ordering cheese sticks with me after a long night out at 2 AM. We all need this sister and we all have this sister. No midnight snack shame when you’re doing it with your BFF.
  10. Being petty with me when we’re grumpy. We hate to admit it, but sometimes a girl’s gotta vent. No one better to do it with than your sisters. They’re there to listen and hold your deepest darkest secrets; they’re your go-to girls.
  11. Planning sisterhood events that bring the whole chapter together – that bring laughter and even closer relationships . Nothing is better than some quality bonding time with your sisters. This semester we were lucky enough to have a huge overnight retreat that left us with a gnarly sorority fever and no shame about it. Being excited about your sisterhood and relighting or strengthening that flame is priceless.
  12. Listening to me read my horoscope out loud for the billionth time. We all have our little guilty pleasures and for some, it’s the horoscopes. Reading my, your, his, her, and your best friend’s cousin’s horoscopes can be pretty boring for some to listen to, but now we’re taking the time to thank those who pretend to be amused when we undoubtedly read every blurb on every sign aloud.
  13. Being the best big/lil and friend I could ever ask for. Shoutout to the bigs and littles who actually become someone who is your sister for life. The one you look up to or the one you foster into your mini-me. Whatever the case, that relationship can be so special and unique, we, of course, need to take a second to thank those beauties.
  14. Sending me encouraging text messages when you can see how stressed I’ve been. Let’s be honest, this semester has been gruesome and it couldn’t have been possible without those positive words of encouragement. Our sisters pick us up when we’re down and without these remarkable women, our lives would be so empty.
  15. Being real, genuine, and passionate sisters I can look up to as role models, no matter what age or grade. These women who we are so lucky to call sisters, fill our hearts to the top with joy and gratitude. Life without them seems impossible at this point. These are the women we look up to for guidance and who so graciously provide us with the tools we need to succeed. We are forever in debt to our sisters who are at the core of it, the women we aspire to be.