Monthly Archives: July 2013

A-List Goes to ELI

Hey hey! At A-List we are all about strengthening the bond between sisterhood and style, but more importantly, we are all about sisters. We have been very blessed through our experience of starting up A-List to have so much support from our sisters at Chapman University. Recently one of our sisters went to ELI and […]

Back in A(-List)ction

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been away for a week now, I was in Colorado visiting family for the 4th of July! Hope you took advantage of our 20% off sale for the holiday ;) Today has been a busy, yet fun day! When I arrived at the Global Command Center/ Headquarters/ Creativity Corner/ etc. I […]

Launching A-List

First, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Katherine and I’ll be guiding you through our journey here at A-List Greek Designs.   We just started… well… a couple days ago. While we have the jewelry, I must admit setting up the office with my boss lady, Hope Gray, was a little trickier […]