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A-List Goes to ELI

Hey hey! At A-List we are all about strengthening the bond between sisterhood and style, but more importantly, we are all about sisters. We have been very blessed through our experience of starting up A-List to have so much support from our sisters at Chapman University. Recently one of our sisters went to ELI and took some of our fabulous goodies along with her… Sure enough it seems like A-List is on a roll and sweeping the nation as some new and fabulous Phis are rocking our AOE and other signature pieces!
Some fabulous Phis wearing A-List pieces during down time at ELI
Some fabulous Phis wearing A-List pieces during down time at ELI
One of our wonderful Phis showing off her AOE
                            Our A-List team is out of the office for the week, so there isn’t too much to tell this week and no wonderful Hudson stories to tell (except he almost vomited on the window sill last week…). Tune in Thursday to hear more about me and next Tuesday I’ll have the scoop on Boss Lady Hope’s trip to the EO to train the ELCs this week. #ITB XOXO, Katherine Director of Publicity and Advertising

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