PhilAnthropy A-List Style

Now that rush (for most of you is over), welcome to the A-List! Sisterhood is very important for the A-List team and we are so pleased to welcome more amazing women to the Greek community. Don’t forget to cast your vote for the next chapter we make jewelry for or contact us to make custom pieces for your chapter (shout out to CU Boulder Alpha Phi for ordering their Collegiate Experience custom charm bracelet)!

During recruitment I was thinking to myself “Why did I join my sorority?”

Yes the women were amazing, yes the energy in the room was different, yes I felt at home… But what set them apart, really, was philanthropy. It touched my heart and made me realize that we can all do more to help those less fortunate than ourselves in the world. Whether it’s local, national, or international every bit of philanthropic work in the world is one step towards creating a better life for someone else. It’s being part of something bigger than ourselves, much like being in a sorority.

For A-List, philanthropy is really important and we have decided that we want to be vendors and help chapters raise money for their philanthropy. It’s amazing how doing something so small, when everyone does it, can make a huge difference. We want to be able to help chapters by being vendors at their events and donating a portion of sales to their amazing cause. I know that for me the philanthropies my sorority works with are extremely important to me and my sisters and I feel so blessed to be part of the A-List team because they care so much too about making a difference.

We would love to come to your philanthropic events or help you in any way possible so please reach out to us!




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