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How to Survive College and Stay on the A-List

I would like to bring the 3 second rule to everyone’s attention. By this, I mean wait 3 seconds before you make a decision. College can be very exciting and when you’re away from your parents and the only person that can really hold you accountable is yourself it’s easy to lose a sense of what is and isn’t a good idea. With underage drinking a very prominent aspect of being in college it’s inevitable that some mistakes will be made.

I wish someone would have told me before I came to school that being who you think people want you to be will not get you the friends you want. College is very different from high school, yet still very much the same. There are still cliques and there will always be the “cool kids”, but it doesn’t matter. The people you meet in college that share the same values as you and appreciate who you really are will be the absolute best friends and most amazing people you will meet in your life.

We all walk around caring so much thinking that how people perceive us is so important, but what we don’t realize is that everyone is just as insecure as we are. It’s ok to be yourself. You will become a much more confident individual and truly find what you want in life if you (sounds so corny, but I have to say it) stay true to yourself. If you waste all your time living for other people you will never achieve your goals and be successful the way you want to be throughout your life. College is the perfect time to figure out what you really want out of life and to come into yourself.

I had to steal this and share it with you all because it has some really amazing points about how to be an A-List woman. I thought everyone could really benefit from what she had to say- I know it really struck a cord in me and opened my eyes to a few things.

11 Differences Between Dating a Boy VS a Man

Be comfortable in your skin. Being unique is the new chic.




One thought on “How to Survive College and Stay on the A-List

  1. Felisha Brunson says:

    Absolutely love this post!!! It’s so true. College is the best time to explore all of the things life has to offer that one may have shyed away from at first.

    Great post!

    Peace and Love,

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