lAst minute costume ideas

Halloween is such a fun time, but can also be very stressful! Coming from someone who always wants to dress extravagantly for Halloween, but has to make due with a low budget I have a few tips and tricks for you! الروليت الامريكي No need to be super crafty, either!

1. Go to party city and buy animal ears that will match a dress or tank top and skirt combo you already own

2. Buy fabric and make a skirt buy tying it around your waist

3. Borrow from a friend

4. Michael’s has tons of cheap things you can glue to anything to make a costume into something

Pink mini skirt, tube top, and pigtails can make you a member of the Spice GIrls!
Pink mini skirt, tube top, and pigtails can make you a member of the Spice GIrls!

Last year I was a “Jungle Babe”. This costume was made up of a black tank top, a piece of cheetah fabric tied around my waist, and leaves pinned into my hair! The previous year I was “Minnie Mouse” and wore a black tank top, a tutu that I made for $14, and ears that I had purchased at Disneyland before. You can also make your own ears by buying a head band, thick wire, and felt. Make the back and front of the ears you want and glue the wire in between the front and back. رهان الخيل Then, wrap the wire around the headband and voila! Easy peasy! I did that for a mouse costume and it was for all the materials. تعلم القمار

The mouse ears I made
The mouse ears I made

No need to spend a lot of money to look cute and dress up for Halloween! Look at what you already own and make something up! If all else fails, being an 80’s work out girl is a good go to!

Good luck and be safe!




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