New Year, New You

Now the title of this is not to suggest that YOU MUST change yourself. Think of it more as “spring cleaning”, but in January! I know that for me, change is scary and I don’t like it all that much which I why it’s good to give myself some things to work towards. شرح لعبة بينجو

My New Year’s resolutions are:

1. Love myself more- there is no need to get all flustered and think that my hair, skin, height, weight, or whatever isn’t good enough. It is! Love yourself. Isn’t that the #1 rule of life? كازينو في السعودية Kidding.

2. Spend less money- not like I have much to spend anyways, but I’m trying to make sure I spend it on the right things. I just need to stop eating at restaurants and Starbucks and I’ll be rich! Well… not really, but it’s a nice thought.

3. Take better care of myself- I hardly sleep, I eat at awful hours, and I make it to the gym every once in a blue moon. My body is a temple and the only one I have so I better make sure I take good care of it!

4. Find the beauty in EVERYONE- not that I find people ugly… not even a little bit. I just need to stop being petty at times and realize everyone is human. That’s what makes everyone beautiful.

5. Trust myself- I have a habit of second guessing myself or not trusting how I feel about things and ending up in situations where I am overloaded, anxious, and worn out. If I can’t do something I should just say no and realize that that is TOTALLY OK. تكساس بوكر If there is something I want to do, but I’m scared… I should do it!

There are plenty more like drink less soda, try and fit back into my jeans, or clean my room more… but those aren’t as important as the ones that have to do with who you really are as a person.

Just take a step back, find what’s important to you this year, and make it count!

Also, I stole this for all y’all:

Have a wonderful 2014!




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