Bootie Work


I am most certainly not talking about your bum. I am talking about the latest trend in shoes that I fought forever, but now I’m hooked… Why?

Well, when I first saw booties I thought where is the other half of the shoe? Why does it stop at the ankle? That doesn’t seem very attractive. Lately, though, I’ve had a change of heart. Mostly because I love low heels that I can wear during the daytime without them hurting my feet. I’m a little short, you see… and a little insecure about my legs (we all have something). So anything that gives me a little lift is always a friend.

There is a very large variety to choose from!
There is a very large variety to choose from!

Recently, I bought a pair of black booties at Aldo and another pair at Gap (50% off). Hilariously enough I got a lot of compliments on the Gap ones. I don’t think booties are acceptable for a formal event, but going to lunch with a friend or bumming around the city in some jeans and cute top is the perfect way to show off your booties.

Luckily, it’s the end of the season so all the booties are going on sale. It’s the perfect time to grab a pair or two that suit you! The perfect shoe for Valentine’s Day if you’re worried about wearing heels and not being able to walk by the end of the night! Add some jeans and a kimono or a scarf with your simple top to finish it all off and… voila! Casually sexy. The best kind.

A few way to show off your booties!
A few way to show off your booties!



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