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Sorority Grad Caps

Personalized Sorority Grad Gifts

Graduation season is here which means it’s time to decorate your cap! Whether you are a sorority girl or not, decorating your cap is a fun way to stand out on graduation day. Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiration. külföldi fogadóiroda There are so many different way to decorate your cap, so get creative! Our advice: be true to who you are. If you love to be the center of attention, use bold rhinestones and bright colors. If you prefer simplicity, don’t make your cap super over the top. You don’t want to look back 10 years from now and think to yourself, that cap is totally not me.As sorority girls, we love seeing all the different ways to incorporate letters onto grad caps. From making them bold and being the center of attention to incorporating them into a phrase or saying, there are lots creative ideas out there. Are you struggling with deciding what to put onto your cap? Don’t worry! Take a minute to think about what you want people to know about you. Are you proud about getting a job or into grad school? Put that on there. Do you want to thank your parents or family for paying for your education? Do it. Do you want people to think you are hilarious? Put a funny quote or saying on your cap. It’s totally up to you!Here are some of our favorite graduation caps:



A-List Marketing Manager, Paige, made the top cap for her graduation in 2014 – time flies! We also love the simplicity of the Theta cap. nyerögépes játékok ingyen kockás letöltése Pro tip: sticking with your sorority colors is always a good option because it will match your stole. Nobody wants to see clashing colors when you are walking across that stage!



We also love these two caps! Big bows, small bows, rhinestones, sparkles and quotes…you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Get creative and stay true to your personality. No matter what, have fun with it! A-List loves Greek grads! Happy Graduation! P.S. If you need some inspiration for personalized graduation gifts for the seniors in your life who are graduating, look no further! We have designed a grad collection of gifts grads actually want! Shop our Grad Collection here.  

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