Monthly Archives: October 2014

It’s all Greek to Me

If your exposure to college Greek Life in America comes through it’s portrayal in American movies, we completely understand why you’d have the wrong impression of sororities and fraternities. Where movies and TV shows make us appear as shallow, self-absorbed, spoiled party animals, we have found that the exact opposite is often true about our […]

Keep or give: shirts after graduation.

So you have graduated from college. You decorated your cap full of glitter and letters. You shook hands with your college president and got the picture to prove it. You are getting ready to make your way in this big, wide world. Personally, my adventure starts with finding the right clothes (they do say clothes […]

Big Little Week ~ Gifts, Ideas, and Big Little Love

It’s finally that time of year! And no, I’m not talking about Fall – complete with pumpkin everything and finally being able to wear your favorite riding boots again… I’m referring to BIG LITTLE SEASON! Big Little has a way of bonding people, and not just with your Big or Little. I guess it gives […]