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Jaskiran Behl

Phi Sigma Sigma | Florida Inst. of Technology

Graduation Year: 2016 | Major: Astronomy/ Astrophysics, STEM Education Minor: Physics

Jaskiran Behl

What positions have you held? Sisterhood Development Chair, New Member Educator, Sisterhood Chair, Social Media Supervisor (Under PR Committee)

What is your work experience? Sales Associate for 5+ years in Elegant Studios Inc. (a beaded dress boutique in NYC)

How would you describe your personal style? My go to outfit is workout gear, but when its time to look presentable my go to outfit is jeans, and fancy shirt, and sandals, and accessories

What is your favorite A-List piece and how would you wear it? My favorite piece is the single coin CZ bangle! It is so dainty but elegant at the same time! I wear it all the time with anything I am wearing, its great and I always get compliments for it all the time!

What is your favorite sorority memory? When I became the New Member Educator for our Sorority. I worked with the ladies to help them understand and appreciate the chapter and our sorority. It was touching on initiation day when each one came to me and gave me a hug, telling me how I gave them the confidence to become a sister.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I have over 300 bottle of nail polish, and I am fluent in Punjabi. Oh and my dad was a weight lifter so thats pretty cool too.

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