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Big Little Week ~ Gifts, Ideas, and Big Little Love

Big Little Gifts from www.alistgreek.com

It’s finally that time of year! And no, I’m not talking about Fall – complete with pumpkin everything and finally being able to wear your favorite riding boots again… I’m referring to BIG LITTLE SEASON! Big Little has a way of bonding people, and not just with your Big or Little. I guess it gives people a common interest, something to talk about, or maybe we all just love big little so much. Our reveal especially bonded all of the Bigs. I’ll be sharing more about that later. I love how excited everyone gets, you can feel it from every person in the room. I just revealed myself to my Little this past Sunday, and her face when she finally learned it was me will stay with me forever. Our reveal was really special. All week, I spoiled her with gifts and went out of my way to make sure she had the best gifts there, because, after all, she’s MY Little (so happy I’m able to say that to her face now!) and tried to keep the secret. I snuck into her room and decorated it for her with one of my sisters, who agreed to help me because she’s the bomb. Overall I just had to make sure my Little knew she was loved. I had so much fun during big little week, so here are some of my highlights. I hope it inspires you as you plan for your own little; and remember it’s never too early to start!!

“Dream Big, Little one”

This was one of my favorite gifts I gave her. The “dream big, little one” quote is one of my absolute favorites, and I always say dream big so of course I had to incorporate this somehow. I want my little to always know she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to, because she’s amazing. Here’s what I did- I got her a monogrammed (lilly!) sleep mask and painted her a picture frame with the quote on it. How cute is that?! I got matching ones for my little and I, because like big like little. You can also shop A-List Greek’s new Big/Little Button Set to get a collection of cute Big/Little quotes to share with your whole Greek Fam.

Dream BIGBig Little Button Set from www.alistgreek.com



Big Little &Co.

The entire week, I gave her hints with a Tiffany&Co. theme. Her clues from me might have been all false leading her to another sister, but at least they were packaged adorably in little blue boxes!! I also may have gotten a little excited about this theme and told too many people what I was doing, and risked the surprise…so make sure to keep it quiet!! At reveal, I gave her Keds which I painted with a Tiffany&Co. Big Little theme.

tiffany and co big little


Spirit Box

I decorated my Little’s room the night before reveal. One of my sisters helped and we had so much fun doing it. I painted her a Tiffany&Co. themed “spirit box” which my dance team did in High School before homecoming from our Bigs and Littles. Basically, you just decorate a shoebox and put some of their favorite things inside- candy, jewelry (for example, anything from our big little line), makeup, etc. – just little stuff to get them excited and smiling. My dance team Little my senior year made me such an amazing box, I kept it and started using it as a memory box. I put letters, pictures, and little trinkets in it. Moving to college so far away, it made me feel better to be able to go through happy memories whenever I started to feel homesick. So keeping this in mind, I instructed my Little to turn the box into a memory box, because college and sorority life will give her some of the best memories and she’ll want to hold onto those memories forever. I told her that whenever she was feeling down, to just pull this out and go through the good times, and then to call me because I’ll always be there for her. She loved it, and I loved doing it for her. It was so simple, so I definitely suggest doing this for your little. If you make her one, please snap a picture and send it to us at @a_listgreek and #alistgreek!!
Big Little Room Decorating

We have so many adorable options for big little gifts here, so make sure to check them out.


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