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Keep or give: shirts after graduation.

So you have graduated from college. You decorated your cap full of glitter and letters. You shook hands with your college president and got the picture to prove it. You are getting ready to make your way in this big, wide world. Personally, my adventure starts with finding the right clothes (they do say clothes make the man).  And if you were anything like me, you had a ton of clothes to go through. Heck, I’m still going through clothes.

Something that is never said during rush, but you always find out over the years, is us sorority ladies end up with a ton of shirts! Formals, homecoming, letters everywhere! It can be daunting to decide what to do with them all. Lucky for you, I’m here to help. I am a slight pack rat when it comes to things of value. And by value I mean anything that holds memories of a place or thing. So getting rid of my letters seems like a crime against my founders or humanity. I gave exactly one shirt away. Yes, ONE. The rest I just couldn’t part with.  But I have a great way for you to not be like me.

The first is to pick out your favorites. And I mean the ones you actually wear because really, they are all our favorites. For me, that’s the sweatshirts, a few tees, spirit jersey and my awesome homecoming long sleeve tee (which I am wearing as I type this). Those can go back into the drawers they came from.

Now comes the hard part. Are there any shirts you can gift to sorority littles, grand littles or bffle in chapter? The one shirt I did give away was an old philanthropy shirt I never wore. It went to a new member at the time, which is always a good place for letters to go. Many have only the one bid day shirt and letters you know you won’t wear will get new life from them. What is happening with many (aka all the rest) of my shirts and a bag, is I am making a t-shirt quilt! There are many tutorials online (aka pinterest) or there are some places that take your shirts and make the quilt for you.

And the letters that I am keeping? They are all things I wear. I didn’t save too many because I know I wont wear them as much as I did as an undergrad. I did keep my philanthropy shirt out which I wore to bid day. But if you don’t plan on volunteering, or wearing lounge clothes, I would leave very few shirts out.

If you have shirts for a business/ business casual setting, those should be kept!  They are perfect work shirts and also advertise your involvement in greek life. You never know when someone higher up will be a member of XYZ organization and have fond memories of interacting with your alumna sisters.

If you keep nothing else, keep this one shirt. It will be a keeper of your secrets and memories and love you found on your first day in your new home. Can you guess which one I am talking about? My favorite shirt, my bid day shirt.

Three of my sisters. Kari, in the middle is the lucky sister who received the lone shirt I gave away. Here she is wearing it.
Three of my sisters. Kari, in the middle is the lucky sister who received the lone shirt I gave away. Here she is wearing it.

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