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It’s all Greek to Me

If your exposure to college Greek Life in America comes through it’s portrayal in American movies, we completely understand why you’d have the wrong impression of sororities and fraternities. Where movies and TV shows make us appear as shallow, self-absorbed, spoiled party animals, we have found that the exact opposite is often true about our sorority sisters and frat brothers. Though individual’s have their own reasons for wanting to join the Greek life, the overwhelming majority who pledge look at joining for the positive influences it can bring to their lives, as it has for the thousands that have joined for generations before them. As the internet’s trusted source for sorority jewelry that is loyal to greek design, The A-List would like to help dispel the myths regarding sororities and their place on American college campuses.AOE Alpha Phi necklace

The history of sororities in the US dates back to 1851, with the establishment of Alpha Delta Pi, though “women’s fraternities” had their place for years prior in women’s colleges. Coined by Dr. Frank Smiley, the word sorority was first applied to Always used as a way to provide community support and social involvement on campus and throughout the areas they serve, sororities often avoid the same negative stereotypes and reputations experienced by members of fraternities. Promoting philanthropy, sisterhood, social responsibility and personal achievement, sorority sisters are often recognized as stand-outs, both on campus and throughout their communities. Backed by alumni, sorority members often benefit from their membership long after graduation and look to extend those benefits to those who join long after them.

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