Monthly Archives: November 2014

Make your own traditions

The holidays are all about family and friends. And being apart of greek life means a lot of family. Spending time with all that family can be challenging. But it’s also the perfect time to start some new traditions. Growing up, we usually ended up at the movie theater on Christmas Day. It was always […]

Sorority Gift Guide 2014

This holiday season give the gift of sisterhood. A-List will definitely be on every sorority women’s wish list this year, so shop our customers’ favorite A-List items featured in our 2014 Sorority Gift Guide this holiday season. We promise that with A-List you’ll also be gifting your loved ones with their newest favorite sorority jewelry! […]

The Phit Girl: Shaping up for Formal Season


It’s about that time ladies. We all look forward to it, some of paint coolers for it, go on extreme diets for it, and even put those Norts to good use. That’s right, it’s Fraternity and Sorority winter formal season. I personally LOVE to workout, I eat very healthfully, and I use formal to give […]

Family Matters {Big Little} featuring the Bow Family & #KMSS


  Who says your don’t get to choose your family? Big Little brings out the best in all of us. Your big is your greatest idol, and you treasure your little more than words can say. Big Little is all about having a mentor, someone to fall back on when you need support. The girl […]

An Open Letter to the House That Didn’t Give me a Bid

For the most part, recruitment is over, Big/Little season has begun, but some girls may still feel a pang of jealousy, seeing other girls wearing Bid Day shirts of the house they they had their heart set on. Somehow, the girls in that house look more perfect on Bid Day than they did during the […]