Make your own traditions

The holidays are all about family and friends. And being apart of greek life means a lot of family. Spending time with all that family can be challenging. But it’s also the perfect time to start some new traditions.

Growing up, we usually ended up at the movie theater on Christmas Day. It was always a family movie and the theaters were the only things open on Christmas. A great tradition to start with your sorority sisters is going to see that cheesy family movie. It doesn’t have to be the newest one, but would  movie dates make a great bonding experience.
Another tradition would be some of the great winter activities available now. A fun sister night out we did as a chapter was ice skating. You could go sledding, drive around looking at Christmas lights or go on a horse drawn sleigh ride.
2013-12-20 00.21.47
 My Boyfriend and I on our sleigh ride. How fun would it be to go with a group of sisters?
2013-02-25 09.10.03
Sisters ice skating two years ago!
Even a coffee date with your sisters would make a wonderful tradition. It’s all about making time to spend with them and let them know how much you care.

2014-11-02 16.31.45-1Starbucks (or any coffee with sisters) is always a good idea.


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