The History of Alpha Phi

Though we recognize the contributions of all college sororities through our Greek designs and sorority jewelry, we often enjoy taking the time to focus on individual sisterhoods and their illustrious histories. Alpha Phi stands out among all sororities for its long-standing commitment to the development and support of its members and its impressive alumni. According to its own website, the Alpha Phi sisterhood encompasses more than 200,000 members across 160 college campuses throughout the United States. Its alumni boasts numerous leaders in both political and non-profit leadership roles, who devote themselves to maintaining their relationship with the sisterhood and contribute to encouraging and developing the sisters that follow in their very impressive footprints.

Initially formed at Syracuse University in 1872, among some strong opposition and obvious hostility, Alpha Phi was founded on the need for support and unifying ties by their original founders. That commitment to sisterhood is what forms the core belief of one of the nation’s strongest sorority groups and their dedication to community service and social growth is what has made them one of the most respected.

Honoring those core beliefs, we at A-List Greek Designs are proud to offer the sisterhood a beautiful selection of Alpha Phi jewelry, meant to help members proudly display their sisterhood. Choose from our collection of Alpha Phi necklaces, bracelets, rings and so forth by browsing our sorority jewelry. Perfect as gifts for any Alpha Phi sister, our greek designs are among the most sought-after pieces available anywhere on the internet.


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