Lasting Memories


Anyone who is graduating or even has a close friend graduating will be able to tell you what a bittersweet time it is. It’s the end of the line for so many things, but the beginning of a whole new journey. With graduation fast approaching, now is the time to hold on to these last few undergrad moments with your sisters. What better way to do that than by organizing a photo shoot? Not only will you treasure the memories and photos with your sisters, your chapter can use it for positive PR. If you’re currently freaking out about getting everything together, DON’T! We’re here to help everything go smoothly so you can focus on having fun with your sisters.

  • Start a Pinterest board and pin inspiration
    • Plenty of girls before you have done chapter photo shoots; find out what looks good and what you like! Don’t be afraid to model a shot after an inspiration picture! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  • Gather your sisters and pick a date that works for everyone
    • Chances are, this will be the most difficult part! Try to find a date that works for the most people, possibly scheduling it on a day that the chapter already has to be free!
  • If possible, get a sister to take the photos for you! Otherwise you can google photographers in your area or on campus!
  • Plan your outfits
    • Some options include white or black dresses, your graduation caps and robes, jeans and colored tops, etc. The options are limitless! Just choose something that pulls everything together and you will all look fabulous!
  • Laughing shots may feel a little awkward, but they turn out so cute we promise!
  • Be sure to tag us in your photos on social media! @a_listgreek

Stay tuned for what to do with the photos after your shoot covering everything from fun senior DIY gifts to positive PR! Can’t wait to see your pictures!


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