A-List’s Guide for Acing Your Finals



1.  Make a schedule and follow it! 

Find out what your final class schedule is a couple weeks in advance and plan accordingly.  Then take out your Erin Condren and start setting apart times to study.  If certain classes are harder, allocate more time to study that subject.  

2. Choose where you study wisely!

Is sitting on your dorm room floor next to the boy you have had a crush on for months really the best way to be studying for finals? Probably not.  Even the library can be so packed and overwhelming during finals week.  I recommend booking a study room in the library a few weeks before finals before they all fill up.  Off campus Starbucks are another great place to study, plus while you are there you might as well pick up a Chai Tea. 

3. Do NOT pull an all-nighter right before your exam!

Studies from Dr. David Vanata have proven that students who pull all-nighters before exams have lower GPAs.  All-nighters result in a decreased productivity and lower mental sharpness.  Odds are you will do better on an exam if you get a good nights sleep instead of trying to cram.   Also, how embarrassing would it be to fall asleep during your final! 


4. Give yourself mental health breaks! 

Do not lock yourself in your room with 20 Redbulls and Hot Cheetos for the entire week of finals.   This will result in lower mental awareness and you will not retain the information.  Instead, take 30 minutes to go get some Starbs, or browse Tobi–Your brain will thank you.  Then come back, refocus, and get ready to work. 

5. Whatever you do…DO NOT CHEAT. 

It is not worth it. Just no.  Don’t do it.  In high school you may have gotten away with writing a few notes on your hand before the test, but college is a different ball game.  Sure you might get away with it, but if you don’t-the benefits do NOT outweigh the consequences.  Is it really worth getting expelled from your University just to get a couple extra points on your test?


 In most cases, teachers are not trying to trick you.  You have been studying all semester for this, so do not over think it.  YOU CAN DO IT.


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