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5 of the Best Gifts to Get Your New Little

One of the best parts of being in a sorority is matching with your Big Sister, and getting a Little! Everyone wants to make their Little feel special as the newest member of their Greek family. Some sorority girls have even started gift traditions that they give to their expanding family every year. We’ve compiled some of the our top five favorite A-List gifts you can get for your growing Greek family.

  1. The ‘Big’ & ‘Lil’ Infinity Ring – Two matching silver plated rings with cute cursive script reading “Big” on one ring and “Lil” on the other are the perfect gift for your new little. Its simple design and effortless look make it an easy everyday wear.
  2. Big Little Tassel Keychain Sets – Our sorority tassel keychains are so cute and affordable you can buy a set and personalize it for your entire Greek family. Customize our tassel keychains with Greek letters, the names of the women in your Greek family and select your fave mix of tassel colors.
  3. Big Little Family Cosmetic/Pencil Bags – Buy one, two or purchase these versatile zippered bags for your entire Greek family. Great for containing other spoils week gifts, these cosmetic bags are made from eco-friendly recycled kraft paper that has a rose gold metallic finish resembling leather. Your Little can use this for her pens, lip gloss, etc. She’ll love it!
  4. Big Little Water Bottles – Who doesn’t need an adorable water bottle that proudly shows your big/little love?
  5. Big Little Sorority Button Set – Inspire your Little to dream big with our super cute Big and Little themed button set. You can keep the matching button to display your connection on campus with pride.

Being paired with a new Little is one of the best parts of being in a sorority. Make it special with these gifts here at A-List Greek.

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