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How to Make Your Next Date Party the Best One Yet


How to Make Your Next Date Party the Best One Yet

Date parties are never few and far between. Generating ideas for all the themes can be exhausting. But whatever your theme, there are some key decisions you can make throughout your night to ensure that you and your date have a fantastic time.

First, we suggest grabbing some dinner. Whether your date is your best guy friend or a long time boyfriend, you both need a good meal in your system before heading out all night with your sisters. If you’re going with a blind date, ask whoever set you two up to join you with their date to make it fun and casual! If you’re worried about it looking too much like a “date,” grab a Big Mac and a McFlurry! I mean, what guy doesn’t like McDonalds. But regardless of your relationship, dinner is always essential to having the energy to hang out late.

Before dinner even begins, make sure to pack the essentials in your clutch or purse. The keys to your room are a good start, as well as your ID and some cash. You never know when a food truck is only going to have a “Cash Only” policy, and when is dinner ever enough after dancing all night long? Secondary, but necessary additions to the list include a lip balm or gloss, a hair tie, and a safety pin in case your outfit malfunctions. Obviously this list could go on forever for the prepared woman, but the essentials are listed above and of course, don’t forget your cell phone. But isn’t that a given?

Lastly, never overlook your shoe choice. Yes, the brand new Michael Kohrs stilettos make your legs look a million miles long and bring together your entire outfit, but think about your poor feet! After walking, standing, dancing, and possibly running into the arms of your big, you’re going to have the most painful blisters on your feet yet. That makes for a rough next few days. So we say with caution, and from experience, choose your shoes wisely, as they will determine the way you walk for the next week.

Dinner, purse essentials and shoe choices are just a few of the factors to look into before diving into a date night, but we’ll always be here to help you take precautions and look darn cute while doing it.

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