A-List Guide: Holiday Parties



The holidays are slowly but surely approaching, and the parties are in full swing. Before finals creep back into your life, take full advantage of this time to celebrate the holidays with your sorority sisters at Holiday Parties! We know themes can become overwhelming towards the end of the year, so here are some tips to make prepping, dressing and celebrating painless and fun!


There are some key decisions you can make before your party to ensure the night goes smoothly, but when Holiday Season comes around, your responsibilities are a little more intense. That’s why we suggest preparing a list of all schoolwork and community service activities that need to be finished in order for you to enjoy a stress-free night out. Make sure you have a study schedule to ensure proper preparation for your upcoming exams so there isn’t a stressful thought in your mind when it’s time to put on your dress and accessories.

Dress to Impress

Holiday parties come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to a Holiday Theme Party, we suggest sticking to the basics. expekt fogadóiroda Grab your favorite holiday dress, simple sorority heart necklace, and tie your hair up with a giant bow made from ribbon. You can buy holiday themed ribbon just about anywhere in the months of November and December, but if you’re craving a large selection, look up your nearest Michaels.

Celebration Time

Being with your sisters is a celebration in itself, but when it comes to making it through a night out, you always want to make sure you’re holiday celebration exceeds your expectations. If you’re in cold weather, grab a pair of tights to make sure you don’t grow chicken skin on your way to the holiday party venue. szerencsejáték tippmix They’re cute and, best of all, warm. If there’s a gift exchange involved, it’s so easy and affordable to customize a necklace for your sisters. Save time and opt in for gift-wrapping on A-List’s website! Last, but not least, bring a sweater. gaminator twist It’s usually not convenient, and sometimes there isn’t one in any closet of your house that matches, but trust us, you’ll need it as the temperature drops over the course of your night.

There’s no time of year like the Holiday’s, and parties are just a small treat that comes along with all the love and cheer. Enjoy yours stress-free, with a super cute outfit, and the best presents a girl can give her sisters.

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