Thanksgiving Break Away From Home




Fall break is usually generous enough to give the average woman time to go home and spend Thanksgiving with her family, but when money is tight and breaks are short, sometimes you sacrifice the trip home and end up spending the most food friendly holiday away from loved ones. Although this can be a tragic realization, we encourage you to organize a Friendsgiving meal with your sisters who are in your same boat. Thanksgiving isn’t just reserved for family, and sometimes, your sisters become your closest family members! Even if you’re missing your Mom’s famous green bean casserole and all the free food Thanksgiving delivers to your stomach, you can still make your day full of love and delicious foods. Try these tips to make you and your sisters feel right at home with great food, but best of all, great company!

Decorations are Key!

As you walk through any department store in November, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of decorations that are to die for, but cost an arm and a leg. We love reverting back to childhood with group friendly decorations that are sure to bring a smile to every attendee’s face. Our favorite is the creation of your very own hand turkey! Remember those? Just trace your hand on a piece of plain white paper, and use your imagination! Everyone’s will be unique, and there’s no better excuse to break out the magic markers! Cut them out and use them as placeholders at the table so everyone has their own custom “turkey”.

The Meal

If cooking an entire Thanksgiving feast is just plain out of your wheelhouse, do not fret! Call your local grocery store and ask if they are offering Turkey Dinner packages. These usually cost close to $45, but split between five of your sisters, hardly costs a thing. Who has time to make an entire Turkey anyway? If you’re looking to mix things up, collaborate with your sisters to have a potluck, where everyone makes one dish, and comes together to supply a plethora of deliciousness. No matter what the meal, you’ll enjoy it because you’re with the people you love most from your sorority.

Dessert (The Most Important Part!)

Is it even Thanksgiving if you don’t have Pumpkin Pie? We think not. Thank goodness for Pillsbury’s Easiest Pumpkin Pie Ever and whipped cream. Just make sure you remove your Greek Letter Stack Rings before diving into that pumpkin pie filling. If one pie just isn’t enough, have each of your attending sisters make one and bring it with them! You can never have too many desserts on Thanksgiving!

Just because you’re not home on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you have to spend it alone or without the traditional favorites. Make the effort to reach out to your sisters and organize one of the best sorority events of the year right in your own house!

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