The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Sisters


The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Sisters

The amount of gift giving that takes place during the holidays can seem absolutely overwhelming. There’s Mom, and Dad, and siblings, but of course, you can’t forget about your sisters! Take the pressure off by taking advantage of our custom products that every sorority girl will love! Here are a few of our favorites:

The Big/Little Ring Set

If you haven’t already bought one, now is the perfect time to do so! These matching rings are the perfect gift for your Little or Big, with a simple design and gorgeous silver plating. There’s no better way to show your Big or Little that you love them forever with this infinity ring and a sincere, handwritten card.

Marquee Lights

The perfect decoration in any room, especially during the holiday season! These festive letters are able to be mixed and matched, and are an easy choice for the “hard to buy for” sister in your life. You can even order your letters for yourself and decorate around them to give a little sorority flair to traditional lights.

Roman Numeral Bracelet

If your sister’s collegiate career is coming to an end, this is the perfect way for her to show it off. With three separate color options, and a smile simple heart design, it’s sure to bring any sister to tears accompanied by a hug. Go a step further and include a framed photograph of the two of you so she knows that your memories together will always be in your heart.

Greek Letter Stack Rings

Not only are stack rings in right now, but they also go with every outfit! With every letter of the Greek alphabet to choose from, we’re sure you can find the right combination to represent your Greek house on your sister’s hand. Finding your sister a present they’re going to like is challenging, but these rings are so simple, they are sure to make any sister a happy camper.

Find these gifts and so many more on our website, and don’t forget to add our gift-wrapping services to save time during finals season!

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