New Year’s Eve Traditions to Try for 2016


New Year’s Eve Traditions to Try for 2016

There are a few out-of-practice traditions that A-List wants to bring back for 2016! While some of these are still in style, you may have never heard of others. No matter what, if you want to change up your New Year’s celebration and bring back some time-honored traditions with a twist, give these a try:

Grub on Some Unhealthy Food

Southern sisters may have heard of this time-honored southern tradition! Grub on your favorite junk foods any time after midnight on January 1. Traditionally, southerners binge on rice, collard greens, and other salty or fattening foods, but you can totally eat a whole bag of Doritos (we won’t tell). The tradition says that eating these foods will bring you luck, wealth, and other good fortune, so eat up!

Eat 12 Grapes at Midnight

The tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight comes to us from Spain, where they believe that it will bring prosperity in the New Year. There are way more than 12 grapes in a bottle of bubbly, right? Drink up! Because: tradition.

Kiss at Midnight

This is probably the most well known New Year’s Eve tradition and we love it! Single this New Year’s Eve? It’s time to set the tone for the New Year and show how fearless you are – grab a guy and pucker up. It’ll be an exhilarating way to bring in 2016!

Give a Gift

Roman’s and Celtics used to give each other a holy plant (like mistletoe) for good luck in the New Year. Maybe a plant doesn’t make sense, but consider gifting each other with a new lucky charm for 2016! Cheers!

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