Dressing for Winter Recruitment


Dressing for Winter Recruitment

While most people think of sorority rush as being a late summer activity with well dressed young ladies camping out on the lawns of their favorite sorority houses, vying for their top bids. However, many schools (like Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan, and Indiana University) are moving recruitment to the Winter Semester. Schools who delay recruitment typically do so for academic reasons – first, they want incoming freshman to focus on their studies, and second, the fact that this first semester GPA is factored into your recruitment can be a serious motivation to begin your studies with the best foot forward.

Unfortunately, it can be even more challenging to choose a wardrobe for winter recruitment, particularly if you live in a colder weather state. A-List has some suggestions to make your winter recruitment just as stylish as a summer rush!

Dress to Impress

Just because you can’t wear a sundress and Tori Burch sandals, doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable for a winter rush. A-List loves a heavier weight dress – in a structured wool or sweater fabric – with a thick pair of tights. This choice will keep you warm and trendy. If your school is a little less formal for rush, a dark pair of nice jeans or a thick legging with a jewel tone sweater or a blousy tunic.


Don’t neglect to choose the perfect jacket. When you enter the house for the first time, you’re bound to make an impression immediately – before you even have the opportunity to remove your coat! Choose a fitted wool trench with a little flare to give you a great shape and a chic appearance.


When you can’t show off your fashion skills like you might in the summer months, accessories can really give your hosts a peek into your personal style. Try a cozy scarf with a pop of color, a bangle bracelet, or – if you’re feeling bold – something a little more personalized!

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