New Year’s Resolutions–And How to Keep Them


According to a recent poll (because a blog isn’t legitimate unless there’s a statistics), 46% of us make New Year’s Resolutions. While, incidentally, there were very little statistics on what percentage of people actually keep their resolutions, we here at A-List brainstormed some ways to make those promises to yourself just a little easier to keep. Here are the top five most common resolutions–and the fun ways you can actually see them through until NYE 2016!

1. Lose Weight/Get Fit
I tend to have a battle with working out to lose weight. More often than not I can rationalize why I don’t need to go to the gym–it’s raining outside; I’ve had a long day at work; changing into gym clothes just takes a little too much effort…

I’m one of those people who do well on deadlines. If I have something I need to prepare for, and I know there’s an end date in sight, then I’ll actually do it. So here’s a suggestion for losing weight and working out! Check out Battle Frog! It’s an awesome obstacle-like (boot camp-esque but don’t let that scare you) way of keeping in shape. The company hosts an obstacle on set dates in major cities so you can give yourself that hard deadline. Afraid it might be too intense? Don’t worry! They have beginner level obstacles that you will see this girl using too! Find your nearest race!

2. Spend Less/Save More
I’ve never been a saver. I also can’t pass up a good deal. So with that lethal combination, I find most of my money is channeled out of my bank account and straight into my newest shoe purchase or most have purse buy. So personally, this is a resolution I’m determined to keep. Here some strategies that I know will help me save more!

First, when my gal pals or the man of my life wants to go out and do something, my go to resource will be LivingSocial or Groupon. Both sites are chalk full of wine tasting discounts, boat rides, and mani/pedi coupons. Suggest things you can find on the site and both your wallet and heart will be happy!

Happy Hours are a great way to save money on dinner too! Drinks are often discounted a couple of dollars, and if you bring a few friends then you can go tapas style and order the appetizers on special. When you’re chatting and chomping, it won’t feel like you’re being frugal–it’ll feel like a Girls Night Out!

But again, what if you’re a shopper, espcially online? Channel your web surfing to Pinterest, where you can browse the Women’s Fashion category and pin a fantasical board of amazing outfits. Pinning the clothes is like creating a virtual closet that you can aspire to. You can also find outfit inspo for clothes that you already have hanging in your IRL closet too!

Don’t forget sale shopping! Love sorority jewelry or love having things customize for you? A-List have sales and giveway opporutnities all the time! Keep tabs on our products by following our Instagram, liking our Facebook page, or check out our A-List Greek website.  Sorority Bangle ZTA Custom

For those gals blessed with a paycheck, set an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck. Maybe just $15 per check or something you can afford; have it transfer to your savings account. Before you know it, you’ve created a rainy day fund with little to no heavy lifting on your end!


3. Travel to New Places
I LOVE to travel, but my credit card and wallet don’t always thank me for my trips. Here are some traveling hacks that will help you fulfill this New Year’s goal.

Did you know regional, budget airlines have flash sales during certain points of the year? You just locate the airport closest to you that the airline flies out of, and look at the list of potential destinations. Keep an open mind about where you want to go, and you might find a gem of a getaway! Denver for a weekend ski trip? Vegas night life and dancing? Check out these current sales from Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

Also, for great hotel rates, the website Trivago will link to every deal there is for a particular hotel. I’ve personally used it for hotels in three different countries, and it always got me the best price! It’s my go to! It has client reviews, the traditional star system set from review boards, and pictures. It’s super easy to use and it’s not shy about saying other websites have better prices…it’ll even take you there!

4.Be Less Stressed Because You’re Too Blessed
While not all of us can go on soul searching trips to Thailand or get massages at the latest Santa Barbara retreat, we can pamper ourselves to bring down those stress levels.

Some of my favorite stress relievers are bubble baths and fragrances. I’ve spent years trying to achieve the best Hollywood inspired bubble bath and here are my tips. First, fill the bath with a couple inches of water; don’t fill the tub to the top quite yet! Once there’s a little pool at the bottom of the tub, take your bubble bath of choice, fill the cap, and pour the contents of the cap under the stready stream of water. Keep agitating the water while the tub fills. If necessary, add more bubble bath under the water stream. I recommend Crabtree and Evelyn’s Lavender Bath and Shower Gel. It’s great because you can use it both as a bubble bath and shower gel!

After the bath, keep the relaxation train going with more fragrences that will ease the mind. Apply some lotion or body butter right after the bath for optimal moisture soaking. Remember to apply the lotion generously to notoriously dry areas (i.e. elbows, knees, and heels). My recommendation? Fijan Water Lotus Body Butter. It’s enriched in Fair Trade Shea Butter and has a lasting scent. Great bang for your buck!

Last relaxation touch? Linen Spray! This Lavender Chamomile Spray promotes calm, restful sleep. You can spray it straight on to your bed and pillows. Spray, lay down, and breathe in deeply through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Try this routine once a week! You’ll love how you feel the next morning and having at least one night a week for yourself will help your overall mental health.

5. Learn Something New
The great thing about knowledge is that it’s always accesible, especially in the age of Google and Siri. Want the knowledge to come to you? Try signing up for a book box or magazine crate. A great one that I recently started is called OwlCrate; it sends you themed boxes every month full of goodies–a book, candles, fun literary accessories.

Photo Credit: OwlCrate
Photo Credit: OwlCrate

You learn about the theme, the author, and similar books available.

Maybe you’re not a reader and more of a visual learner? Well, did you know Netflix has amazing, binge-worthy documentaries that pair swimmingly with a tub of popcorn and chocolate. Love fashion? Check out the flick, “Dior and I,” following the famous fashion house and its top designer. Having Downton Abbey withdrawals? Learn about the real-life estate in the “Secrets of Highclere Castle.” If you’re a sports fan, you have options ranging from boxing to football. Digging Kate Middleton and the Royal Family? There’s a documentary for that too! You’ll be feeding your mind while you give yourself that much needed manicure in front of the tele.

Have any of our suggestions helped your New Years Resoultion hopes? Have you tried any of our tips? If so, let us know! We would love to hear from you!

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