The Do’s and Don’ts of Sorority Formals


The Do’s and Don’ts of Sorority Formals

Navigating the ins and outs of your first sorority (or fraternity) formal event can be tricky! It’s like prom, right? But somehow more grown up. A-List Greek wants to make sure that you have the best time at your first formal, so we’ve created a do-and-don’t list to help guide you through!


Choose a date you trust. While your first sorority formal will feel a little like prom, there are some very key ways that the experience is different. First, your parents aren’t keeping tabs on whom you’re with, where you’re going, and when you’ll be back. You have to do all those things for yourself. Keeping your safety and comfort top of mind is really important. Make sure that your date is someone that you trust to keep you safe and to respect you.

Try a trend. Your Greek formal is the perfect place to test out a trend and really show off your personal style. Whether it’s trying a hot seasonal color, a cool dress length, or a new accessory, you’re free to be you and showcase your young, fun style.

Take pictures. As cheesy as it may seem, you only get so many formals in your life! Take the time to have fun and take pictures beforehand, as well as throughout the evening; this will be a night to remember!


Go with someone you just met, particularly if you don’t know anyone else at the party. You want your night to be safe, fun, and carefree. That will be much easier if you have a date your familiar with and are surrounded by friends, you’re going to have a blast!

Let drama enter the evening. The one thing that will destroy a formal evening is allowing any drama to come up. Remind yourself to keep a smile on your face and have as much fun as possible – the drama can wait until tomorrow!

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