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Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date


Planning the Perfect V-Day Date

If you’re attached this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get your planning hat on! There’s something really fun about planning the perfect night out for you and your man (let’s face it: it’s better that you do the planning in this department!). A-List has some top notch recommendations for making this Valentine’s Day one that you’ll both remember.

Do Something That’s “So You”

Okay ladies, this is the part that’ll make your big night super special for your guy. Do something that is “your thing”. Do the two of you love going to a sushi place? Scoop up all the ingredients and learn how to make your own! If you’re big into music, get tickets to a show that might be just a little out of the typical budget. Or if you are movie fans, maybe a drive-in would be a fun twist.

Not only are most nice restaurants typically booked far in advance for Valentine’s Day (with package “deals” and special menus that will break the bank), but some of the most memorable and comfortable dates are the ones where you do something you both really love doing together.

Show Off Your Style

Valentine’s Day has a really sweet way of making everybody feel the love. Make sure you’re feeling super cute by doing a little extra primping. Get a cute new outfit, or choose one from your closet that makes you feel confident. Sometimes it’s about the perfect accessories; so don’t forget to choose a necklace or bracelet that you really love.

Drop Hints

Are you and your Valentine exchanging gifts this year? Sometimes guys don’t always have the best *ahem* “intuition” when it comes to gifts. Have you ever gotten a snow shovel as a gift from your man? Yeah, so have we. Maybe this year it’d be best if you dropped a few subtle hints! A-List thinks our Take Heart necklace may be the perfect addition to your collection. If your man doesn’t take the hint though, never fear! Your sisters will always help you find the perfect accessories to go with that snow shovel!

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