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North, South, East, and West–Fun Sorority Fashions!

Hello A-Listers! Happy March! As spring (and thus Spring Break) approaches, we here at A-List have been busy, busy travel bees, visiting all four corners of our country. Why you may ask? Our team had the opportunity to attend Alpha Phi International’s four Leadership Conferences held in each quadrant of the US (with Canadian sisters included!).

We kept our ears open and our eyes peeled for regional trends that we envied and loved. بطاقه اونو From jewelry, to clothing, to handbags, to hair accessories—we have a breakdown of them all! So let’s begin our journey across America, starting in the South! باي بلاي

Our first conference was in Dallas, Texas. The weather was a comfortable 55 degrees, the sun was shining, and and not a bit of wind was blowing our way. Pretty nice way to start, right? Immediately, our team noticed a loungewear trend in the south—large, oversized, jersey material shirts paired with basic black leggings and heeled booties to dress it up! It was cute, comfortable, and still oh so classy. After visiting our A-List table, the ladies added our classic ivy leaf ring (check it out here!) and gold bar necklaces (take a look) to their outfit, dressing it up with just the right touches. When things got a little dressier, however, the girls of the south did not disappoint. The go to trend? Scallops! Scalloped hems, cuffs, and necklines. It was a sweet and demure touch to other wise classic silhouettes.

Photo Compliment of Lolobu
Photo Compliments of Lolobu

After gathering inspiration for our personal usage of the scallop trend, our team jetted off to the North. Touching down in Chicago, we embraced the crisp 17 degree weather (snow and all) and visited with some of our Northern ladies. Despite the chill in the air, the women dressed with an autumn/fall flair. We loved the contrast of chunky warm accessories, like knit scarves and cardigans, and sharp business casual attire! Again, the ladies loved our A-List rings, and our stack rings in silver sold hot!
Photo Compliments of FashionGum

After our forays into the Arctic (or at least it felt that way), our team packed up our winter clothes and drove close to home—Irvine, California for the Western Conference. We’re no strangers to SoCal weather, and the girls in the West embraced the hot 80 degrees. Hemlines were slightly higher, shoulders were bare, and hair was perfectly blown out. So what were the top trends we saw frolicking in the sun? Lace and rompers! Or a combination of both. Free People and Brandy Melville were the Queen B’s of fashion during our California weekend. مباريات كاس العرب ٢٠٢١ Paired with a perfect wedge, the golden coast shone with youthful, bohemian fun. And what did our Western girls purchase to top off their summer-ready outfits? The ladies loved our dainty state necklaces in both silver and gold.

Photo Compliments of The Blonde Salad
Photo Compliments of The Blonde Salad

After a quick soak in the sun, our team boarded another flight and hopped across the country to Newark, New Jersey, for the last conference in the East. The temperature dropped in half, and we were greeted with a brisk 49 degree, slightly cloudy day. Besides our Kate Spade-modeled motto bangle, the hottest accessory in Newark was a solid tote bag! We’re not talking your run-of-the-mill canvas tote, but stylish, chic, and urban ready totes. There were a variety of materials—from leather to nylon. We were so happily surprised at all the different kinds of sleek totes out there! But the one that reigned supreme? Answer: The classic, Longchamp Le Pliage Tote, mostly represented in the medium or large sizes. The Le Pliage Tote is definitely an investment for any travel ready, East Coast gal.

Photo Compliments of Modern Glam Life
Photo Compliments of Modern Glam Life

There you have it, A-Listers. Fashion tips and observations from all the most fashionable college women from every corner of the country! Did you see a trend that we didn’t mention? Or do you want our A-List Team at your next conference, convention, or philanthropy? Leave us a comment on our Facebook and Instagram, or email us at

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