A-List Travel Diaries: Sororities and the Big City

Rise and Shine, our wonderful A-Listers, and welcome to our newest blog series, the A-List Travel Diaries! In our line of work, we are lucky enough to travel all over the country to connect and chat with sorority women from all walks of life. While we’re based in sunny southern California, we are always excited to visit somewhere different but equally beautiful. And like any sorority gal, we love our adventures, so often on our vacations, we come across something fun and new to share too! So travel, eat, and shop with us as we state hop, jetset, and road trip it all around!

So where have we decided to kick off our series? Why, the Big Apple of course! New York City, very aptly named the City That Never Sleeps, was a crazy, fast, but amazing whirlwind of an adventure. From tourist sites to hideaway finds, we did it all! gaminátor játék ingyen From our experiences, here’s what we can recommend!

For the casual diner…New York is famous for their pizza, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to try a slice of their world famous pie. We stumbled upon New York Pizza Suprema on 8th Ave (thanks Yelp!) and ordered a delicious mozzarella and basil number. Little did we know, it was going to be huge! (We may or may not have had pizza for breakfast too). It lived up to its reputation—it was the perfect ratio of cheesy, bready, and saucey. The best comfort food after a day of traveling and getting into the city. P.S. Penn Station is no joke.

Sorority Girl NYC
The King of all Pizzas…Challenge Accepted!

For the foodie…So we love our TV here at A-List. We’ve binge watched One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls more times than we can count so when a friend of ours suggested we try the restaurant Buddakan, we jumped at the chance. The restaurant was featured in the Sex and the City Movie as the site for Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner. It definitely didn’t disappoint in ambiance or food. Both were…well for the lack of a better word…beautiful. If you ever stop by, we highly recommend the edamame wontons or the shrimp fried rice. Can’t go wrong with anything there though!

NY Blog-Budakkan 1
The view from our table wasn’t too shabby…
Sorority Buddakan
It was basically like descending into a NY Metropolitan wonderland

For the tourist…Making our way to lower Manhattan, we stopped at the Ground Zero Memorial. We were left speechless. Seeing the memorial in pictures versus seeing it in real life was a stark contrast. The enormity of the memorial was not only awe inspiring but very sobering as to the tragedy. It started raining ever so slightly when we were there, the clouds hazy overhead. We stayed for a while, running our hands over the names. It was nice to pay our respects to such a monumental moment in our country’s history, and we were very happy that we made it there.

NY Blog-Freedom Tower
It’s striking with the clouds on it, no?
NY Blog-Ground Zero
The enormity of the memorial reminds us to never forget

For the history buff…What movie is this line from A-Listers, “Here at the Wall…” Anybody? Anybody? Stumped? It’s from National Treasure! Though we’re avid history and movie nerds, this find was very accidental. On a mission to find the New York Stock Exchange, we happened upon a church, which looked like it had been a fixture on Wall Street for centuries. We weren’t wrong! At Wall Street and Broadway, Trinity Church is the final resting place for many, many notable Americans (including Alexander Hamilton—“I’m just like my country/Yo I’m young scrappy and hungry”). It also plays a pivotal role in National Treasure as a clue-site for the coveted Free Mason stash, and its history ranges from the American Revolution to the sinking of the Titanic. ‘Twas the best accidental tourist destination on our trek. fogadóiroda rejtvény

NY Blog Trinity Church
Trinity Church is hard to miss when strolling down Wall Street!
NY Blog-Here at the Wall
Located on the corner of Broadway and Wall Streets…we didn’t find any treasure, but the church was a gem

For the fan girl…You can’t get much more New York City than Gossip Girl. So of course we had to visit two iconic players in the GG game: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park! Our forays into the Upper East Side were not disappointing—the Met was beautiful and magical. The sun was just setting as we wandered on to the steps of the Met; the light cast the large columns into striking shadows and light. We couldn’t leave without doing a mini photo shoot of course. The next morning, we wandered the trails of Central Park, visiting the pond where Queen B fed her ducks and also where she married her Great Bass. Though it was chilly and still a little too early in the season for the iconic fountain to be on, we enjoyed snapping pics and listening to the street buskers all the same!

NY Blog-The Met
On the steps of the Met…
NY Blog-Central Park
Happened upon the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park. Always full of suprises

And in a nutshell, that was our trip! Do any of you have some tips that we may have missed? Or want to share your NYC memories with us too! Please do! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram or email us at sisters@alistgreek. nyerőgépes játékok torrent com. We always want to hear from our sistas!

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