Movies that Feel Like Summer with Sisters

Ahh, it’s finally summer break! We’re breaking out our crochet monokinis and prepping our sparkly flash tats for a summer to remember. For those of you staying on campus or close enough to sisters for some awesome mid-summer bonding sessions, we wanted to float some ideas to fill your warm, summer niiiiigghhhhts (Grease sing-along anyone?). Retire those swimsuits, and don those cotton pj pants (paired with your favorite formal or philanthropy shirt), pull out the Red Vines, and pop the popcorn; text those sisters and cuddle up! These seven movies will make you feel like it can be summer forever!

7) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Hawaii+Mila Kunis+Kirsten Bell+Vampire Puppet Musical= LOL. The tropical setting will get you in the mood for some pool hopping, and Jason Segal and Russell Brand’s comedic genius will have you in tears. Definitely a date night with sisters complete with junk food and chocolates!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Meme

6) What a Girl Wants

Jumping from Hawaii to London, Amanda Bynes will have you feeling all the feels as she reconnects with her English father. PS Oliver James was like our all time elementary/middle school crush. An English accented, guitar player, yes please!!

What a Girl Wants

5) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Speaking of feeling all the feels, a young Blake Lively will have you in nostalgic tears. Taking the theme of sisterhood to a heartwarming level, this foursome, including a young, fresh Alexis Bledel, will make you itch to explore the coast of Greece or the villages of Mexico. AND it’ll get you all ready for the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix…#endgame.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

4) Monte Carlo

From one Gossip Girl to another–anyone up for Leighton Meester falling in love with an adventurous explorer and Selena Gomez masquerading as an heiress? We definitely are! From the streets of Paris to the beaches of Monaco, this movie will put a smile on your face and cuddle just a little closer to your big or little.

Monte Carlo

3) The Sex and the City Movie

Like in Gossip Girl, the epicenter of the world is in New York, New York. Watch the OG #squadgoals ladies laugh, cry, and attend all the most fabulous parties you could ever imagine. Whether you think of yourself as a Carrie or a Samantha, it’s a perfect movie to remind you that you don’t have to be blood related to identify as sisters.

Sex and the City Meme

2) Roman Holiday

It’s a movie #tbt that’ll make you feel all the sophistication and culture that Audrey Hepburn in Rome can provide. Even in black and white, you can almost feel the spray of the Trevi Fountain or taste the delicious gelato that Hepburn enjoys on the Spanish Steps. Tip: Gelato pairs well with this movie, as does pasta and a good cannoli.

Roman Holiday

1) The Parent Trap

Who can master the classic Parent Trap handshake? We can! #NoShame. We love the movie that taught us to dip our Oreos in peanut butter and eat chili out of a cereal bowl. Also, who can resist a cute, young Lindsay Lohan pulling double duty?

Parent Trap

What movies make you think of summer? Comment below and tell us what you think! Your suggestions might be the next featured!

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