The Bachelorette—Men We Love & Guys We Can’t Handle

Last month, JoJo Fletcher stepped off the helicopter and onto the shores of Jamaica. She walked into a tropical oasis where the man of her dreams waited, a ring in his pocket and a rose by his side. She smiled, made a brief speech about love… and then… got dumped. Boos and cries of anger were heard ’round the world as Ben Higgins let our ultimate Bachelor #girlcrush, get away.

But when JoJo was announced as the new Bachelorette this season, our love for the show soared. Yes! Sweet redemption! So now we’re all on Team JoJo, let’s chat about who do we love, who we hate, and who we just don’t understand?

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We’re Rooting For…

  • Jordan- yes, yes he reminds us a little of Josh Murray on Andi’s season, but he seems more genuine than his predecessor. He’s definitely good looking, and everyone, from Bachelor Die-Hards to complete novices could see there was chemistry between our Joelle and him. Plus if they get married, they can double date with brother Aaron Rodgers and partner Olivia Munn—easily the most beautiful double date the world will ever see.
  • Wells- hold up, he brought a ‘90s R&B group to serenade JoJo acapella? Hello Romance! Wells has a great smile, seems to have a sweet personality, and he wears his slim fit suit like a European. We’re fans so hope JoJo’s a fan too!
  • Luke- he seems to be the quiet, strong, Last Song with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus type. We’re not quite sure what his chemistry with JoJo will be this season, but we can’t help but love the mysterious, unicorn-finding, rancher man from Texas.
Meme courtesy of Bachelor_Bachelorette_USA
Photo courtesy of Bachelor_Bachelorette_USA
  • Christian- he gets up every morning at 3:30am to work out. Well then, we highly encourage as many shots of him shirtless possible. We’re serious ABC, we really won’t mind. But real talk, he’s super sweet with his brothers and has a touching story. Plus, like Jordan, he has family in the NFL—his cousin is Justin Forsett, running back for the Ravens. We’re just packing in the sportsmanship this season aren’t we?

So Confused…

  • Evan-erm well his profession is a little…uncomfortable? Not sure what made us squirm more, his apparent nervousness and overwhelming stress during the rose ceremony or the fact his client’s face had to be blurred out in his early episode bio. At least he seems nice?
  • James S.-“Bachelor Superfan”…he basically became a nervous mess around Chris Harrison after the credits. Shouldn’t you have that reaction with JoJo?
  • Brandon-occupation: Hipster. ‘Nuff said.


  • Chad-if you have the same name as the Bachelorette’s ex, it’s already bad news bears. But to top it off your name is Chad…and you seem to have an anger problem in the upcoming episodes. Oops.
  • Daniel-because, you know, explaining a joke makes the joke funnier, especially if the object of your desires doesn’t understand the pop culture reference. Oh then getting naked and jumping in the pool helps with the awkwardness. Almost forgot, drinks, lots of drinks.

Damn Daniel Meme The Bachelorette

PS we’re so glad that Jake P.’s cameo on the Bachelor was just that… a cameo. Whew! Moment of anxiety anyone? You got us Bachelor producers, you got us.

JP The Bachelorette

Anyone you love that we missed? Or is there another guy that just doesn’t make sense? Let us know! Comment below!


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