Wedding Showers Bring Brides Flowers

Happy Thursday A-Listers! I’m back, and this week, we’ll be chatting about a little more than just produce and open air markets. In a few weeks, A-List will be hosting a “Wedding Week” where we’ll be blogging, Instagraming, and swooning over the latest wedding trends and tips this season. But I wanted to give you a little glimpse into the future and share some tips for the days before the Big Day.

So M and I have a group of friends that have all coupled off in the past few years; it started with one couple, then another, then M and me. There was quite the lull for a while and then, BAM!…everyone else decided it was time to get engaged! Now, in a few short months, our friends will be walking down the aisle (several times order) and saying their “I Do’s.” Before that can happen, however, it’s our gal pal duty to make sure the bride not only gets the wedding of her dreams, but the bridal shower of her dreams too!

So with all the weddings, this girl had two showers to go to in six days—no big, you get double the insight, but man, am I tired! The two showers were very distinct to each bride’s personality and both were beautiful, fun, and had such yummy food!

Step One: what do you wear? Since I was mostly behind the camera, I failed to get some pics of my wardrobe, but here some suggestions nonetheless. Think light, spring-summer time fabrics and patterns, and remember the cardinal rule: no white. That’s reserved for when you’re the bride to be.

Shower Graphic
1. Forever Fairness Dress (Amazon)// 2. Ryan Dress (Revolve)// 3. Willow Sundress (Lily Pulitzer)// 4. Lovecat Romper (NastyGal)// 5. Natalie Romper (Goodnight Macaroon)

If you’re the bride, your color has been reserved—you’ll be in white of course! Now, if white isn’t your thing, you can rock whatever shade you want, but when else can you embrace the bride factor, right? Depending on the vibe of the shower, there’s a surprising amount of choices in white…

Bride Outfit Ideas Shower
Modern (here)//Formal (here)// Classic (here)

Shower #1’s bride was definitely the boho bride. Her shower was in the famed “Valley” (San Fernando for those wondering to which valley I was referring) which can get notoriously warm in the spring and summer months. To stay cool and crisp, beautiful bride Brittany opted for a Hampton white, bohemian column dress with some subtle high-low action going on. Also, loved the accents on her dress (and that necklace was my gift to her so proud that she sported it for our mini photo sesh).

Britt Bridal Shower 20
Dress (similar here, here, and here)// Necklaces (similar here, here, and here)

The bride’s look from Shower #2 will be featured during Wedding Week, as will her shower–something to look forward to! Brittany’s shower was bright and sunny, featuring rustic elements like burlap, mason jars, and sunflowers. The hostess’s yard had a fish pond, a small recording studio, and even a horse coral! The setting and the entire vibe of the shower was very rustic chic with a side of bohemian love. Sounds perfect right?

Britt Bridal Shower 2

After some food and drinks, we started our games! My personal favorite: give each guest a silhouette of the bride and a pencil. It’s up to the guests’ imaginations to create the bridal gown of their dreams (literally) for the bride to choose from. Some people thought of hilarious designs— one brave guest opted to draw a bridal bikini than gown!

Britt Bridal Shower 4

My least favorite game? The Ring Stealer. Each person is given a plastic wedding ring to hang on to throughout the shower. The catch: you can lose the ring if you say a banned word. In this case, we couldn’t say the groom’s name or the word “wedding”. Well I’m a talker, so I lost that ring faster than you could say “Ben’s Wedding.” Darn, but bride-to-be, Amanda (the star of Shower #2) was a trooper and came in a close second to Grandma.

Britt Bridal Shower 5
Look at all that [plastic] ice!
Next, on to presents! There were some super creative and smart gifts? My personal favorite was this personalized pillow:


Britt Bridal Shower 10

And this cooler-o-goodies! The gifter had picked out several bottles of wine, champagne, and other libations and themed each one. For example, the bottle of non-alcoholic Martinelli’s is for the first baby on the way! So cute right?

Britt Bridal Shower 27

All in all, it was a great day celebrating the future Mrs. Levitt. Wedding season is one of my favorite seasons of the year (it counts as one of the four right?) so I’m super excited to cover the wedding frenzy over the next few months. Have any of you been showering brides lately? Or are you a Pinterest enthusiast with some tips to share? Leave me a comment below and I’ll share (I promise).


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