Budget Friendly Summer Adventures!

Congratulations! You’re done with those finals, you’re done with those papers, and you’re, most importantly, done with those classes! Yay you! Now what? Student budgets, especially during the summer when you’re not working that on-campus job, can be challenging to work with when seeking summer thrills. Not to worry— A-List has your back! We’ve got your [cheap] summer bucket list, right here to try!

  • Explore Your Own Backyard: When was the last time you played tourist in your hometown? Since you’ve been off to college for the last year, it might be fun to revisit all those historical sites you went to when you were fieldtrippin’ as a kid, or seek out those strange museums that you always wondered about. Best perk? Local attractions are usually inexpensive and might have student discounts!
  • Socialize: Your city or town might host a local “Concert in the Park” or “Movie in the Park” series throughout the summer. how to use ivermectin Make it a regular haunt and invite some friends! Trade off what the theme is every week; one week is BBQ to match that country rock band playing or another is Italian desserts while watching Roman Holiday (need movie suggestions? Read here). Not feeling just sitting around? Go find a ballroom that hosts dancing nights, try your hand at a pub quiz, or host a board game night!
  • Slight Splurge for Ultimate Adventure: US News compiled a list of inexpensive fly-to destinations that suit every student’s budget. Our personal favorite? Flying to Puerto Rico for less than $350 round trip and splitting a hotel room with sisters. Imagine all the cute pics you’ll get! Don’t forget to pack your A-List gear though—Flash Tats? Check! Rings? Check! Bangles? Check!—You’ll get that island getaway for a fraction of the price (why is Hawaii so expensive anyway?).
  • Don’t Want to Fly? Roadtrip!: So flying isn’t always the most budget friendly, but if you have a car and a GPS, there’s still a way to adventure! While it seems old school, grab a large paper map of the US and circle your town. ivermectina tomar en ayunas Pick your destination depending on how far you want to go and how long you want to be gone. Once the destination is picked, map out what cities or sites you want to see along the way! Sometimes, you skip over the journey, but this way, you appreciate every bit. Because why don’t you want to see the world’s largest ball of yarn? And the paper map makes it seem like a legit adventure! how often do you give ivermectin to dogs #YOLO

Embrace the summer A-Listers! If you try any of our suggestions, keep us in the loop! We would love to feature you and your adventures. Trust us, we’ll be trying and sharing too! Comment below or share to our Instagram or Facebook!

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