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Happy Summer, A-Listers! While most of us are enjoying the sunshine, hitting the beach, and traveling the globe, some of our sisters are hard at work, trying to achieve a big dream: becoming Miss America. can you give ivermectin to nursing goats If you’re pageant junkies like we are, you’ll know that it’s prime competition time for those women who are competing for the state title—then ultimately for the title of Miss America.

There seems to be a lot of crossover between pageantry and sororities. preço do ivermectina 6mg Miss America, in particular, is the largest scholarship provider to young women in the country and also emphasizes their four core values: scholarship, style, success, and service. It’s no wonder, with a set of standards like that, that the program attracts contenders who are also a part of Greek organizations that hold similar values. In fact, Alpha Phi member, Aleah Peters just won Miss Nebraska!

Photo Courtesy of Alana Hamilton
Photo Courtesy of Alana Hamilton

Enter our Sister of the Month, Alana Hamilton. A member of Delta Zeta sorority at the California State University, Long Beach, Alana is the current Miss Placentia, a title representative of a pageant-supportive community in northern Orange County, California. A recreation and leisure major, she just completed her freshmen year and hopes to, one day, be a high profile event planner. She already owns her own production company and is a professional recording artist who, at the ripe age of 15, was nominated for her first two Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Two years later, she added two more nominations to her resume.

You might recognize her as Alana Lee, the teenage songstress who narrated our high school woes in “Butterflies” and “Synchronize.” Each song has a million and a half views each on YouTube, and Alana herself has over thirty thousand subscribers to her channel.

When it comes to pageants, Alana is no stranger to crowns and gowns; she represented the city of Placentia in 2013 in the teen division, ultimately cinching a preliminary talent award, winning People’s Choice, and overall placing 3rd runner-up to the teen title at Miss California.

This time, she wants to win it all. Amid the glitz, the glamour, and oh so much spray tanner, Alana, now 19,  is hitting up Pure Barre on an all too frequent basis, prepping for the daunting interview, and shopping ‘til she drops—into pushups for more swimsuit prep. Are you impressed yet? We sure were, especially after we got to sit down and chat with her.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ryan Photography
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ryan Photography

A-List: So, Alana, as a member of Delta Zeta, how has Greek Life shaped you?

Alana: Greek life has made me so much more aware of time management. We have meetings on Mondays and tons of philanthropy events, so I’ve had to learn how to use my time much more efficiently. I’ve learned to be more organized from my older sisters, who’ve been in my shoes (A-List Note: And her shoes are fabulous, indeed). They’ve given me pearls of wisdom on how to succeed in college.

A-List: Are you sisters supportive of you in pageantry?

Alana: My sisters are extremely encouraging! They always ask me for links to the People’s Choice Award (A-List Note: If you want to vote, you can here!) and they’re constantly asking me about my competition wardrobe—especially when I told them I got an interview dress from Kate Spade! (A-List Note: we’re so jeal)

A-List: How are pageants and sororities similar?

Alana: Oh they have lots of similarities. They both have sets of structured rules and standards for you to abide by. They have really similar morals and values!

Photo Courtesy of Alana Hamilton
Photo Courtesy of Alana Hamilton

A-List: What’s your favorite Delta Zeta memory, thus far?

Alana: We got to be extras during the filming of Grease Live! It was so cool being an arms’ length away from Vanessa Hudgens! ivermectina compresse minsan And I got to share it with my sisters!


So sweet, so charming, and oh so talented. A-List wishes Alana the best at Miss California. She’s in good company; the current Miss California, Bree Morse, is a Delta Gamma from the same school, so she hopes to keep the Long Beach sorority queen reign going. Good luck!

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