Greek Life Spotlight: Go Confidently, Go KD

We’ve all seen them—confetti and glitter blowing out of cupped hands, throwing what you know into the sunset, splashing around at the beach or in the pool. how to dose ivermectin for humans Recruitment season means recruitment videos galore, and among all the beautiful and sparkly women, it’s difficult to make your chapter’s video stand out.

Thanks to the Sigma Epsilon chapter of Kappa Delta at the University of Texas, Austin, we’re seeing a whole new recruitment video. ivermectin vs soolantra It’s a video that focuses on the chapter’s values, lessons, and memories of sisterhood while welcoming the Potential New Member into the Greek fold. “Dear PNM,” each sister starts offering a piece of advice for recruitment, “we’re looking at you for who you are. Not what you’re wearing or what your makeup looks like. where can i buy ivermectin cream

It’s a refreshing, new concept that challenges PNMs to look beyond the sparkle and shine, and explore the depth of the sisterhood that they’re possibly joining. “This week is so little in the grand scheme of things coming your way,” a Kappa Delta sister says, reminding the PNM that it isn’t about joining the most popular house or about changing who you are to be more desirable, it’s about “finding the house that will become your home.”

Check it out  A-Listers, you might shed a tear or two.

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