Greek Life Spotlight: James Madison University’s Sigma Kappa Smashes Philanthropy Record

We love Greek Life and all that it does for the community and charity. Sororities in particular are so much more than their pretty, top-knot wearing, letter toting members—they want to help the world even if it’s one organization or person at a time. Sigma Kappa at James Madison University doesn’t let the challenge scare them; it makes them push harder every year.

Their philanthropy, Alzheimer Awareness, has been an essential part of Sigma Kappa’s national sisterhood since 1954, but the Delta Rho chapter of Sigma Kappa didn’t let that long history dissuade them from stepping up and making history.

It started with participation in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, but throughout the last four years or so, participation in the walk evolved into being one of the top fundraisers in the regional event. The chapter has held a variety of events, including bowling weeks and trunk shows, all culminating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and being one step closer to finding a cure. It started as a slow trickle—a couple of thousand dollars raised, still an impressive accomplishment for a local chapter of a sorority. Two years ago, their fundraising increased almost ten-fold, earning an goal shattering $17,000. But the sisters weren’t content, and fundraising continued to increase exponentially year after year.

Last year, SK sisters raised almost $30,000 at JMU—things couldn’t have gone any better. But they one-upped themselves and it did get better…so much better. In an interview with WSHV3, JMU Sigma Kappa Philanthropy Director, Natalie Warnock, excitedly explained, “I really didn’t think we were going to pass that.” Oh, girl, but you did.

From January 2016 to mid-October, the chapter raised over $42,000 toward the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. “We’re all there to support each other and we’re all just working towards [the goal]. It means so much to all of us together.” The walk, which took place on October 21st, culminated in a grand total of $45,645, which made JMU not only the largest contributor to the Harrisonburg, VA’s event, but also one of the top raising Sigma Kappa chapters in the entire country.

Deserving of the spotlight? Yes. Doing it for the spotlight? No. “So many of them have family members that are affected by Alzheimer’s,” said Warnock. This is their chance to give back and take names.

Read more about Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy here!

Feature photo compliments of JMU Sigma Kappa.


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