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Scary Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and here at A-List, we know just how stressful costume shopping can be with a crazy packed college schedule. Have no fear (or do, depending on how you like your Halloween), we’ve got you covered with some super easy DIY costumes that will ease your stress and make this Halloween you’re greatest one yet.

A Witch-It’s the oldest costume in the book. This is perfect for us girls who have a little too much black in their wardrobe, or are just as in love with Hocus Pocus as we are!

What you’ll need: An all black outfit, a witches hat, and a broom–or if you’re really channeling Hocus Pocus a vacuum or mop or (optional)

Last Minute Witch Costume
1. Broom from Walmart 2. Dress from Topshop 3. Hat from Party City 4. Shoes from Target

A Superfan- It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for, This costume will take about five minutes to put together, making it a perfect last minute option.

What you’ll need: A sports jersey of any kind, some eye black, and a foam finger or a cowbell.

Loving this idea from Stephanie Paul
Loving this idea from Stephanie Paul

Rosie the Riveter-This costume is a perfect choice for the lazy girl in all of us. Plus it’s packed with tons of #girlpower!

What you’ll need: A denim shirt, blue jeans, a red bandana, and red lipstick.

Check Out PopSugar for more outfits!
Check Out PopSugar for more outfits!

A Hippie- If you’re into the boho vibes, this is a great option that takes little to no $$$ to create, plus it’s super on trend!

What you’ll need: High waisted denim shorts or jeans, a floral or tie dye top, some round glasses, and a flower crown. Peace sign jewelry and accessories are cute too!

The Girls With Glasses have the right idea this Halloween
The Girls With Glasses have the right idea this Halloween

A Beanie Baby-This 90’s kid throwback will get everyone super excited, plus you can make it with almost no materials or money.

What you’ll need: A solid colored outfit–depending on the animal you choose– or a onsie because some of you def have one sitting in your closet, some ears, card stock paper or cardboard, markers, ribbon, and face paint.

How great is this costume by Elle Murray?
How great is this costume by Elle Murray?

A Nerd-Lets face it, we all have a bit of nerd in us. Channel your inner Steve Urkel with this easy DIY costume.

What you’ll need: A collared shirt, some thick rim glasses (old 3D glasses without the lenses work perfectly for this), suspenders, a skirt or pants, tube socks, and a bow tie.

UpSmash has these suggestions and more!
UpSmash has these suggestions and more!

The Deer Snapchat Filter-This costume takes little to no creativity, and makes for a great photo op. It’s one of the most flattering filters!

What you’ll need: White Face Paint, some bronzer, and deer ears

We're blown away by @arshia_makeup!
We’re blown away by @arshia_makeup!

Hope these were helpful to all you girls, ghouls, and happy deer filters! Happy Halloween!


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