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Getting initiated soon and need to make that paddle? Not quite sure what to do and need some help figuring it out? Don’t worry, A-Listers! We’ve rounded up the five most creative, cutest, and (sometimes) easiest paddles from Pinterest for you to give the old college try!

Rustic-If you want to go for that rustic chic vibe, but with minimal energy and talent, this paddle may be for you. You’ll need some twine, blush pink paint or wood stain, small wooden letters, and silk flowers. With a bit of glue and a few tries at twirling the twine, you’ll end up with the cutest Georgia peach paddle.

Rocking the Rustic from Courtney Ryan
Rocking the Rustic from Courtney Ryan

Disney- You don’t have to be a great animation artist to achieve this Disney magic. Pick your Disney theme, buy a stencil to match (like this Eeyore cutie) and get to painting! This “Up” theme paddle doesn’t even need a stencil, just a simple ability to draw a house and balloons.

Aren't these the cutest darn things? Great idea from Samantha
Aren’t these the cutest darn things? Great idea from Samantha

Advanced- For this advanced crafters out there, never fear, a challenge is near! To replicate this tribal stunner, you’ll need more than just a coat of paint—you’ll need to invest in some craft pearls, ribbon, wooden letters, and possibly a glass case to house it in the International Paddle Museum. Good luck!

Kenz has some skills when it comes to paddle-making!
Kenz has some skills when it comes to paddle-making!

A Matching Set- Probably one of the most creative we’ve seen in the Pinterest world, the matching set let’s you keep half of your work! How cool is that! You’ll need two identical paddles to start, then choose a design that will look cute spanning both and not too odd when looked at by itself. We recommend a flower like this example, a heart, or a simple mascot/symbol (like an ivy leaf, kite, or quatrefoil). The finer designs and words can be simply achieved with a sharpie.

Abby Avera's Matching Set had us falling in love
Abby Avera’s matching set of paddles had us falling in love

Harry Potter- So we’re super excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them next week, so we’re throwing in a Harry Potter paddle for the fandom. Pick your favorite Harry Potter house to pay homage to, use painters tape to create clean lines around the edges like this sample, then trace out the uniform design on the front. Simple, clean, and yet oh so fun!

We're kind of obsessed with Danielle's creativity
We’re kind of obsessed with Danielle’s creativity

Want to share your cutest Pinterest finds? Or do you have a paddle that can compete! Shoot us an email at to be featured!


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