How to Host An Easy Sisters-giving

Friendsgiving/Sisters-giving can be the highlight of your semester, if you have it all planned out. For those of you who are balancing more than just hosting a fun Friendsgiving celebration with your sisters who have turned into family, the girls at A-List have made a quick guide to a successful and stress-free day.

1.The host makes the turkey

Call up mom or grandma because you’re going to need to know everything about making a turkey. It’s a lot harder than these seemingly professional cooks make it look! And make sure to have them on speed-dial for the day-of panics. Most importantly, know that your first turkey-dinner might not be up to par with the secret family recipe, but try your best and remember you can always buy a turkey. If you want to take that route, remember that there’s a billion other people with the same great idea as you, so order sooner than later and check in to confirm your main course in the days preceding your Friendsgiving.


2. And therefore the host makes the gravy

Naturally, the host then has to make the gravy. Again, give the ‘rents a ring and get the low down on how to make the gravy you’ve come to adore in your own household. Parents have the answer to everything, but so does Google; don’t be afraid to Google some yummy recipes and have no shame in picking the simplest one


3. And the host cooks nothing else (if she would like to maintain her sanity)

If you’re feeling up to it, then go ahead! Make the sides too! But, chances are after planning, cleaning, and organizing, sides are the least of your concerns. So, hand that job over to someone with a little more spare time than you.


4. But the host does coordinate the Google doc of the rest of the items to make it easier for the guests to know what’s needed

Google Docs can solve all issues…and you thought it was just for that annoying group project you had last semester. Wrong! A Google doc is the easiest way to make sure all the bases are covered and to give your friends a chance to choose what’s best for them.

5.Host sets the table (with a little help from her friends)

To no surprise, you have to set your own table. This doesn’t have to be as painful(We know, to some of us setting the table is nails on a chalkboard). Have your closest gal pals come 5-10 minutes earlier than the rest and use some teamwork to get the job done in half the time. Chances are, they’re already laying in your bed from the day/night before, gushing about how excited they are for your night out together.

6. And consider serving bowls and platters

Your awesome friends will be bringing lots of sides and snacks and desserts and drinks so be prepared to be able to serve all of their yummy creations.

7.Have snacks or hors d’oeuvrs to munch on while the turkey inevitably takes a few minutes longer than anticipated

Your guests most likely have been fasting prior to this meal in anticipation for the 10 pounds that will be gained during this dinner. So, to avoid some hangry guests make sure there are enough snacks or hors d’oeuvrs to keep their tummies happy until your beautiful masterpiece is done cooking to perfection. Think cheese, salami, crackers, veggies & dip…you get the idea.


8.Someone with good music taste should make a playlist

Before the inevitable “let’s just play Christmas music” idea comes up, have someone make a playlist that everyone can enjoy. We all love Christmas music, but after hour 5 of Jingle Bells on repeat, you start thinking to yourself, “It’s only November” so don’t burn yourself out before Christmas actually rolls around.


9.You need desserts… lots of desserts

Desserts are fun, but you have to make sure you hit all the stops with this one. Everyone has their own beloved dessert, so make sure you get something for every type of sweet tooth to enjoy! This means, yes to the double-chocolate fudge brownie but also the the cinnamon delights and pumpkin pies too!


10. Make sure you have the appropriate space for your guests

No one wants to be sitting on the floor, make sure you know your number of guests before and just be prepared for the few stragglers that may follow. Keep folding chairs and kitchen stools on standby.

11. Last but certainly not least, decorations!

Give your guests that warm and cozy holiday feeling. It can be as simple as a fall-themed floral piece you picked up at the grocery store or a garland of leaves you crafted from Michael’s. Just embrace the fall hues before the winter holiday season takes over!


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