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Black Friday Survival Guide

Minutes after the turkey coma, the biggest shopping day of the year commences (“Gray Thursday” anyone?). Black Friday has become a commercial staple, and for some, all of their holiday shopping is literally done overnight. Don’t let those crazy videos of Wal-Mart cat fights scare you away though, A-Listers. Our Black Friday Survival Guide will keep you as calm and collected as the cool whip on our pumpkin pie.

Tip 1: Strategize out your plan of attack using insider websites like Figure out store opening times well in advance—and be there well in advance, if you want that door buster TV! If you’re not down to skip Turkey Day altogether we suggest you show up after midnight. Lines won’t be as long and the crowds not-so-terrifying. And don’t worry, despite popular myth, some deals will still be out there.

Tip 2: Take advantage of store pick-up options online (if the retailer permits that on Black Friday). If there’s a certain deal you’re just dying for but can’t make the late night Thanksgiving opening, see if the retailer allows for normal store pick up online. العاب مباشره Wait until the deal becomes available on their website, buy it there, and then choose store pick up at the time you want it. Sneaky? Yes. But brilliant? Definitely.

Tip 3: Bring caffeine. Starbucks will be packed, or worse, closed. Prepare your soy peppermint misto latte in a disposable cup (like the ones at the dentist office) sow when you’re done sipping, you can go hands free! And the warmth from the coffee will help those of you in colder climates that’ll have to wait in line in temperatures our California minds can’t even comprehend. جائزة رالي داكار 2024

Tip 4: Dress comfy! Chances are, there won’t be many people to impress. It’s highly unlikely Zac Efron will be browsing electronics next to you so don’t be afraid to show up in you pajamas or leggings. P.S. leggings are totally considered pants in our studio. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise—you don’t need that negativity in your life.

Tip 5: You can coupon on top of Black Friday as certain stores! We know, mind blown! Newspapers often have coupon packs and now you can scour the web for digital versions. Retailers that always seem to have some sort of additional deals are Macy’s, Kohl’s, Michaels…and so many more!

Tip 6: Watch out on our Instagram for A-List’s biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ever! Trust us, this one is definitely worth watching for.

Use these tips wisely, A-Listers. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor! او نو


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