Surprising Winter Trends from the Runway

We’re in the mighty throes of winter now A-Listers; even our beloved mild southern California was experiencing some flash flood warnings, but ya know what? There’s always something to keep you warm. So that’s why we’ve compiled your go-to guide of surprising, yet useful winter trends straight from the runway.

Puffer Jackets

Remember, how back in the day, puffer jackets were worn when you were a tourist and were judged wearing for not wearing a peacoat? Or just us, well clearly that left an impression so we’ve been avoiding puffer jackets for the last few winter seasons. However, when winter fashion shows everywhere featured the puffer in a chic way, we welcomed them with open arms…and Scotchguard to make them waterproof. Concerned about the ethical ramifications of purchasing a real “down” jacket? Check to see which companies treat their feathered friends humanely.

Leggings Galore

2016 was the year of the colorful legging/athletic pant, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. With pattern mixing and chic work out looks gracing the pages of blogs and magazines everywhere, it’s time for us all to jump on this bandwagon.

If you’re into fun prints and super softness, we recommend LuLaRoe “Buttery Soft” leggings. They come in two sizes for women, “one size” and “tall and curvy” with a variety of children’s sizes in case you can squeeze into the smaller and cheaper versions. They can be bought from consultants nationwide.

For a more athletic vibe, try Kate Hudson’s line of “Fabletics” They’re durable and adorable at the same time, and if you join now, you can get two pairs of leggings for $24…which is a total steal when compared to retail price!

We Huff and More Puff

The puffball has officially found its way into winter trends, transitioning from the fluffy keychain on your purse to the yarn fluff ball on your knit cap. A hat that you would normally see in a Christmas Story, the puffball cap has been touted by bloggers everywhere as a winter staple, whether you’re braving the snow or being fashionably cozy at the beach. Once just for kids in snow, now for the blogger on the go. Our favs from Guess are on super mega sale (so we bought one in each color) or this deal from Groupon…yes you heard that right, Groupon.

The Latest and Greatest from Korean Cosmetics

From the same country that brought you BB cream and cushion compacts, we now introduce Splash Masks! It’s no debate that K-beauty has infiltrated our shelves with genius cosmetics and fun packaging but Splash Masks defy age and, it seems, gravity. So how does it work? Exactly the way it sounds. Inspired by the traditional Korean practice of splashing botanical infused water onto your face after washing, Splash Masks incorporate the ingredients of said botanicals and brings you stunning skin in less than 15 minutes in the shower.

Fill the cap with the product and mix a bit of water into it, close your eyes and mouth and splash it on your face! Rather than washing off the excess or towel drying, pat the liquid into your face until it’s absorbed. No need to rinse! It brightens the face and leaves it feeling moisturized.

Faux Fur Stoles

No longer for that stuffy older lady at the tea parlor or the obnoxiously loud thrift shopper, faux fur stoles, like their faux fur vest counterparts, have been making a youthful comeback this winter. Many-a-model have been swapping their traditional scarves for these fuzzies, upgrading their normal airport and errands outfits with a little bit of glam. Somehow, mixing athletic with luxury works, so we think we’ll try it too.

Any other trends worth mentioning, A-Listers? Let us know your thoughts! Drop a comment below!

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