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15 Impressive Sorority Recruitment Videos

Impressive Sorority Recruitment Videos Blog Feature Image

Alpha Omicron Pi Texas A&M 2020

Some of our favorite recruitment videos not only showcase the sisterhood but also life on campus! This video perfectly captures life as an AOII but also life as an Aggie.

Alpha Phi Butler University 2020

With clips of a fun-filled Bid Day, sunset drives with sisters, and all the amazing women thriving in their majors and careers, this video does the perfect job of making any PNM want to go Alpha Phi.

Tri-Delta Ohio State University 2020

This “Day in My Life” style video that follows different sisters around their days on campus, is THE cutest, most inventive way to showcase all the amazing women that make up the Tri-Delta sisterhood with various majors, hobbies, jobs and more!

ZTA Rider University 2020

We love this video because it shows you don’t need a super high budget and a professional videographer to make such a fun, creative, and FOMO inducing recruitment video.

Delta Gamma Washington State University 2019

While the whole video is such a fun look into the WSU Delta Gamma chapter, the first 30 seconds that start the video are what make this video in our top fave list!

Florida State University Kappa Delta 2019

Informative while being aesthetically pleasing and giving a real, genuine look into what their KD sisterhood means to them. Seriously what more can you ask for in a perfect recruitment video? An all-time favorite.

Kappa Delta Texas A&M 2019

Absolutely love the creativity behind this video! Polaroids are already such a cute trend, but when they are used to showcase different KD events around campus, even cuter!

Alpha Delta Pi Texas State 2019

The beginning of this video makes you feel like an ADPi watching your sister’s insta stories! It’s such a great way to show a genuine sisterhood and a PNM what she’ll be gaining with Alpha Delta Pi.

Pi Beta Phi UCLA 2019

Such a creative and unique recruitment video. The concept of this video puts the viewer in the POV of a PNM scrolling through the Pi Beta Phi Instagram stories that perfectly showcase their sisterhood, philanthropy and everything else that will make you want to be a Pi Phi too!

Phi Mu Ole Miss 2018

Okay, can I be a Phi Mu at Ole Miss?! This video is packed with summer fun – pool parties, concerts, and endless sisterhood events!

Gamma Phi Beta Ohio State 2018

We love a recruitment video that makes you feel at home within the first few seconds. <3

AST Sorority Recruitment Video Spring 2017

Dogs, snow, and sisters. What more could you want? This super cute recruitment video is brought to you by the Epsilon Mu chapter of AST. We are obsessed!

Alpha Phi Ohio State Recruitment 2017

This absolutely epic recruitment video sets out to destroy the stereotypes surrounding sorority women and showcase the new generation of srat stars and what we are made. Love the originality of this video and the message behind, a definite all time favorite.

Ohio State Delta Gamma Recruitment 2017

We are loving this recruitment video! The storyline of the video shows a PNM turned new member and all the fun that comes from becoming a member of Ohio State Delta Gamma! Talk about FOMO!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Syracuse University Recruitment 2017

This electric, fun energy video showcases the spirit of the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Syracuse. Complete with snips of personal testimonies from the active members, this video is definitely one to watch.

University of Arizona Alpha Phi Recruitment Video 2017

The perfectly polished women of Alpha Phi at U of A show off their amazing chapter in this all time fav recruitment video. From Alpha Phi macaroons, to their amazing house, to their one of a kind sisterhood, this video had to be on our list.

The University of Kansas Gamma Phi Beta  Recruitment 2017

This cute recruitment video shows the fun-loving sisterhood at University of Kansas Gamma Phi Beta. This video shows the authentic love of these sisters and their bond that last far past their 4 years at college.

Chapman Alpha Phi Sisterhood 2016

This Chapman Alpha Phi video is a beautiful and genuine representation of what it’s like to be in their chapter. The strong bonds shown here are timeless and remind us that sororities are where you find your fun, quirky people, your bridesmaids, your forever friends.

UCLA Kappa Kappa Gamma 2016

These picture perfect babes take us on a tour of UCLA and beautiful Southern California. Their bright smiles and sisterhood shine bright in this video!

Delta Gamma Texas A&M

First things first, this video has the cutest dogs. That is enough to make it one of our all time fav sorority recruitment videos. But, more important than our dog obsession, this sisterhood is beaming in this recruitment video. This video leaves us with smiles on our faces, warms our hearts, and makes us want to dance and hang with the ladies of Delta Gamma Texas A&M.

Alpha Phi Arizona State University Recruitment 2016

Starting off with a hot air balloon, this awesome recruitment video shows off all the fun there is to explore in Arizona. Who better to enjoy these adventures with than sisters? This video leaves us planning our next trip to Arizona with sisters!

CU Boulder Chi Omega 2016

This video kicks butt. We are obsessed with this unique take on a sorority recruitment video. Chi Omega at CU Boulder takes a step out of the comfort zone of traditional sorority recruitment videos and leaves us with this epic compilation of their awesome sisters.

University of Delaware Alpha Phi Recruitment 2017

This cute recruitment video showcases the fun-filled sisterhood at University of Delaware Alpha Phi. This video includes small testimonies of the women in the chapter and shows that their house is a home and a place where you can be surrounded by your best friends who turn into family!

Delta Gamma | Washington State University 2017

This video shows off the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the girls’ beloved college town, Pullman. These women show off their sisterhood and all the fun there is to be had outside of their chapter house!

University of Kansas Delta Gamma Recruitment 2016

One of our all time fav sorority recruitment videos is University of Kansas Delta Gamma’s recruitment video. They make us want to spend the hot Kansas summer with them, then bring us back to their epic sisterhood at school. Showing snips of sisterhoods, bid day, and more, this video is too cute not to include.

Delta Gamma at the University of Tennessee Recruitment Video

Last but certainly not least, is one of our favorite testimony recruitment videos. This genuine video showcases what it’s really like to be a member of Delta Gamma at the University of Tennessee. These women and their bond are authentically amazing and it makes the video that much more special.

Bummed your amazing chapter wasn’t featured in our all time fav sorority recruitment videos roundup? Send in your videos to sisters@alistgreek.com or tag us @a_listgreek to be featured in our next blog roundup!

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