5 Tips to Help You Have the Best Date Party

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Date parties can be such a fun perk of greek life! A night that everyone looks forward to, to take a break from studying, get a cute costume together, and dance the night away with your sisters! Not every date party is smooth sailing though, so to avoid minor issues that could arise here at A-List we put together our 5 best tips to totally prepare you for your next date party. It will sure to be your best date party yet!

1. Prepare a Game Plan

The very first priority is figuring out the theme! From there it’s officially time to start planning. It may be too soon to start buying, but it’s never too soon to get Pinterest inspo. Plan ahead so you know exactly what look you’re going for! If you find things you want to order then do that as soon as possible, there is nothing worse than ordering something for date party and having it arrive the day after your event. Check to see what you already have in your closet and ask around your chapter too. Most of the time you or the other women of your chapter have enough random costume pieces to pull together a great date party outfit!

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2. Hair & Makeup Prep

Sometimes there are hair and makeup things you want to do for date party, do not wait until the night of to try these for the first time. Those Miley buns are a lot harder than they look for girls with short hair. That winged eyeliner may be harder to perfect than you think, and those mermaid sparkles coating your face will need some adhesive glue that you won’t have time to run and get the night of. So plan ahead and practice!

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3. Find a Date

When it comes to choosing a date, do not stress! Take the boy you like/are dating, take a guy friend, take your best friend, take no date; it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy! Remember that your date is your responsibility at the event and you will most likely be with them for a majority of the night, so choose someone who is only going to make your night better! If you do end up wanting to ask a date, check out this list of super cute date party “ask” ideas.

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4. Costume Details

As the day approaches make sure all the components of your costume are together. Think about hair, makeup, nails, and all the in betweens. When the day finally arrives make sure you give yourself enough time to actually get ready; you don’t want to be gluing little gems on your face 10 minutes before you have to go! Give yourself more time than you think is necessary and make sure you don’t forget any of the finishing touches.


5. Remember the Essentials

Don’t forget the last minute essentials on your way out! Make sure you grab your phone, wallet, ID, keys to your dorm or house, cash for those “cash only” venues, and if you need it, makeup to freshen up throughout the night. Then once you think you have all of the essentials, check again you’ll thank yourself later!

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Date parties can be so much fun and shouldn’t be stressful at all, follow these simple tips and it will sure to be the most prepared and stress free date party you’ve had yet. Now that you have all the date party prep figured out, check out our other post here, on the essential tips you should follow the night of your Date Party so it’s a night to remember from start to finish.

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If you are the lucky sister who gets to help plan Date Parties and Mixer’s then you know the struggle of pinning down the perfect theme. Lucky for you here at A-List we made a Master List of our Favorite Mixer Themes  to make the planning process that much easier for you. If you and your chapter use any of these fun themes make sure you tag us @a_listgreek so we can see all the creative costumes you all come up with!

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