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5 Birthday Gift Ideas That Your Girlfriend Will Love

Her birthday is getting closer but you are still there running out of ideas for what to give her. That's a typical situation, so no need to feel ashamed if this is your case, as well. Girls and women can actually be complicated when it comes to birthday gifts. When you firmly think she would […]

All Things Leadership: Best Advice and Resources

Leadership Advice Featured Image

Elections are over and, whether you are the President, a VP or a director, your leadership is essential to the success of your chapter. No pressure, right? But understand you are not alone and you will never be alone in this crazy journey! Not only do you have your sisters by your side, but you […]

Why It’s Important To Be a Leader in Your Sorority

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Being a leader in your sorority can mean many things. Maybe you’re the outspoken leader who applies for every position and volunteers as often as you can. Or maybe you are the silent leader, leading by example and living every day by your chapter’s values. لربح المال Either way, you are a valuable member making […]