All Things Leadership: Best Advice and Resources

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Leadership Advice Featured ImageElections are over and, whether you are the President, a VP or a director, your leadership is essential to the success of your chapter. No pressure, right? But understand you are not alone and you will never be alone in this crazy journey! Not only do you have your sisters by your side, but you also have us! And we are here to help you lead confidently and support you as you develop your leadership skills.

5 Best Resources

1. Advisors

You may be feeling on top of the world and ready to conquer all of your leadership dreams, and that will be possible especially with the support of your advisors! They know the ins and outs of each position and the chapter!

2. Officer Manuals

Check out your national headquarters website and you’ll be blown away by the number of resources they have to support you! The officer manuals have the answers to all of your questions and will help you learn how to effectively tackle any task at hand.

3. Outgoing Officers

The only people who know exactly what you’re dealing with are the gals who have been in your shoes already. Reach out to the woman who was last in your position for any helpful tips she might have.

4. Leadership Conferences

One of the most beneficial resources are the leadership conferences hosted by your National Headquarters and your campus Greek Life Office. You’ll learn how to navigate other resources and meet individuals who can assist you throughout your term.

5. Educational Leadership Consultants

Consultants are huge resources, as they have recently been members of their own chapter AND have been trained by the Executive Office to help chapters in any way they may need. Reach out to the Consultant who recently visited your chapter for extra support. dermatology ivermectin

5 Pieces of Advice

1. Stay Positive

There will be highs and lows, and staying positive will be the key to your success! Remember that whatever the situation is, it is temporary and you have the skills to fix it. Take care of yourself and rely on your resources to get you through any challenge.

2. Set Expectations

Set expectations for yourself, exec.memebrs, directors and the rest of the chapter members too! This will help everyone stay on the same page and contribute to the chapter’s health and strength. It’s so much easier to stick to a goal or get something done when you have fifty sisters helping keep each other accountable.

3. Stay Accountable

Hold yourself, your fellow leaders, and your sisters accountable for their actions equally and fairly. WIthout accountability, it will be much more challenging to lead efficiently. IVERMECTIN AS A DRUG FOR VIRUSES

4. Do What’s Best for the Chapter

It may not always be the easy choice, but at the end of the day, your job is to protect your chapter. Your sisters may not always love that, but you are doing what you need to do to keep your sisterhood strong and unstoppable.

5. Have Fun

Even though it is easy to forget at times, you are a member too, and therefore deserve to have the time of your life! Your leadership experience will help make your college years the best years if you remember to stop and smell the roses every once in a while!

Your time in your chapter is already short, but trust me… human annual oral ivermectin dose your year leading your chapter will literally fly by! Before you know it, it will be this time next year and you’ll be passing along all these tips and training the next lucky sister to take your position. Enjoy every minute and work your bootie off as best you can so you can take advantage of every second you have as a leader in your chapter!

For even more helpful leadership tips make sure you download your free Exec. Survival Guide to help you prepare for what may be the wildest journey in college! If you are reading this post but didn’t run for a position this year, read our post from last week on Being a Leader in Your Sorority. It will give you the confidence boost you’ll need to run for that position or become a leader in other amazing ways! Either way, you’re going to do great things!

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