The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Sisters

Sorority Sister Gifts Feature Image

Sorority Sister Gifts Feature Image

The amount of gift giving that takes place during the holidays can seem absolutely overwhelming. There’s Mom, Dad, and your siblings, but of course, you can’t forget about your sisters! Take the pressure off by taking advantage of our custom products that every sorority girl will love! Here are a few of our favorites:

The Big/Little Ring Set

If you haven’t already bought one, now is the perfect time to do so! There’s no better way to show your Big or Little that you love them forever with this infinity ring and a sincere, handwritten card.

Holiday Infinity Rings
Shop these adorable matching rings here.

Teddy Bear Bags

Shop these fuzzy pencil bags here!

These plush sorority pencil bags are new and come in four giftable colors. These useful zipper pouches are an easy choice for the “hard to buy for” sister in your life.

Sorority State Necklace

Maybe your sister is moving out of state after graduation, or maybe your new little has moved out of state to come to college and is feeling homesick. There are so many reasons why your sisters will love to be reminded of home with this sorority state necklace. She can wear her state and sorority pride every day right over her heart and always think of you when she does so. Go a step further and include a framed photograph of the two of you so she knows that your memories together will always be in your heart.

Shop all sororities and all states here.

Greek Letter Stack Rings

Not only are stack rings in right now, but they also go with every outfit! With every letter of the Greek alphabet to choose from, we’re sure you can find the right combination to represent your Greek house on your sister’s hand. Finding your sister a present they’re going to like is challenging, but these rings are so simple, they are sure to make any sister a happy camper.

Holiday Stack Rings
Shop all sorority stack rings over on our website.

Sorority Swag Gift Set

Can’t decide on just one gift to give to your sister? You can never go wrong with gift bundles. We did the hard part for you and curated a gift bundle with our all-time favorite products your sister will be sure to absolutely love.

Shop all our Premium Gift Bundle options here!

If you’re on a budget and want to shop gifts that are under $30 or under $60 we’ve made it easy for you and created gift guides on our site so you can do so. Also, make sure to check out our Last Minute Gift Guide post for products that will ship within 1-2 days if you are on a time crunch. Head on over to our website to find all these gifts and more, and don’t forget to add gift-wrapping services to save time during finals season!

Happy Holidays!

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