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Do you remember how exciting but also nerve-racking your first bid day was? Bid Day is the most anticipated time of the year for you and for your new members, but some new members might be overwhelmed with the process and have no idea how to react to just gaining over a hundred new friends. You want to make bid day one of the most memorable days of every new AEPhi’s journey, give them time to celebrate finding their home in AEPhi but also plan some activities and icebreakers to make sure they are meeting their new sisters. We’ve gathered our top 5 tips to help welcome your new members into Alpha Epsilon Phi with a fun and supportive bid day.









1. Introduce Them in a Fun Way!

How are you going to create that once in a lifetime “I’ve found my new home” moment? It varies for every chapter and every bid day but give them a grand entrance! Whether you introduce them all individually or as a group, be so excited and cheer equally as loud for every new member running through the door like she is your ultimate rush crush! Nothing makes a new member feel more welcome than feeling like the whole chapter really wanted her and can’t wait to meet her.


2. DIY Name Tags & Signs

Signs with your new member’s names on them aren’t just super cute photo props and accessories they can hang on their dorm room walls, they are also cheat sheets for your actives who didn’t get to meet all their new sisters through recruitment. 100 girls asking your name over and over would get really overwhelming so remind your actives to read the new members signs and greet her using her name, she will feel so special that even if she doesn’t recognize you that you remembered her.


3. Assign Bid Day Buddies

Each new member should be paired with an active who takes care of the new member throughout the day whether it providing transportation to and from bid day or keeping her company throughout the day. Some new sisters already bonded through their recruitment groups but others won’t know anyone at all! This will ensure that not one of your new members is left out and someone will always be there to answer any questions she might have! Bonus tip: introduce your new member to your AEPhi besties new member. It will give her a chance to meet another active as well as bond with someone in her pledge class right away.


4. Icebreakers

It’s important that you plan some activities for bid day. Some of your new members might be feeling shy, awkward and intimidated so you want to create an opportunity to make everyone as comfortable as possible. Bring on the help of your social chair or someone who loves hosting games and think of a couple of activities to do throughout the day that lets not only your actives meet your new members but gives your new members the chance to meet and bond with each other. Here are a couple of our favorite icebreakers to help your planning process.

Circle of Fun Facts: Get everyone in a circle and have one new member stand in the middle. She says her name, grade, and one fun fact and then any sisters who have the fun fact in common must trade places within the circle. The last one without a switched place stands in the middle and does the same until the whole circle has introduced themselves. If you have a large chapter break into 2 or 3 smaller circles.

Ball Toss: Write “get to know you questions” on a beach ball and toss it around the circle. Any member who catches the ball has to answer the question their right thumb lands on.

Speed Dating: Create two circles (one outside one inside) and pair new members with actives, ask them fun get to know you questions and give each sister 2 minutes to ask away. Switch. This is also a great way for actives to start finding their perfect littles!


5. Gifts

Nothing says Welcome to Alpha Epsilon Phi like their very first sorority merch. Chances are your new members aren’t expecting any kind of present so they will be so thankful and feel at home right away with any gift. Shirts, totes, keychains, and stickers are always great gifts because they can rick their AEPhi pride right away.  We have created “Build-You-Own” Bid Day bundles that include all of those gifts and more so you can choose exactly the right gifts for your new members that fit your bid day theme and budget! Shop the bundle and all the products available in it here or click the bundle image below to request a FREE sample of the bundle to learn more!

AEPhi bid day bundle

Alpha Epsilon Phi Bid Day Bundle Request a Free kit

With these 5 tips, your new members will feel at home and welcomed into Alpha Epsilon Phi before bid day is over! Remember to make it special for them, make them feel remembered and supported and give them every chance to meet new sisters so they will walk into their first new member meeting already feeling like they have friends they can’t wait to see again. For more bid day tips like theme ideas, DIY banners, and decor make sure you check out our Alpha Epsilon Phi Bid Day Pinterest Board. Also, make sure you are tagging @a_listgreek in all your upcoming Bid Day pictures, we love seeing all the creative ideas you come up with and sharing them with all our fellow A-Listers!

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